Man sought in gas theft has ties to councilman

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK – The man police are seeking in connection with stealing fuel from a city gas pump behind the fire station reportedly has close ties to City Councilman Harry Sisko.

The 21-year-old man, who is in the process of joining the priesthood and made an unsuccessful bid for city council, reportedly was close to Sisko when the councilman campaigned for his last election.

Sisko deemed Councilman Dennis Hayes a liar when Hayes said during an October council meeting that gas was being stolen.

Sisko said during the Oct. 28 meeting that councilors should be more careful when making such allegations.

“I would like to know if this is an absolute fact or hyperbole just to make a point,” Sisko said at the meeting. “I don’t believe that happened.”

Sisko did not return call as of press time.

Resident Dorris Letch was astounded when she learned about a city gas pump behind the fire station that remained open for anyone to take.

Resident Eric Stover couldn’t believe it either.

“Isn’t the city in financial straits? Stover asked. “How did this happen?”

Tom Wilson, Department of Public Service/Department of Public Works director, said the city is taking the issue seriously and is taking steps to correct it.

Wilson said the department is going to monitor the fuel levels and find an efficient way to correct the issue. He said locking the gate, putting an electronic code on the pump are possibilities.

He said the solution will allow DPS and emergency vehicles to have constant access to the pump but restrict others.

A warrant remains out for the 21-year-old resident allegedly involved in people cipher fuel from the pump. One city official wants to know how the man knew how to access the pump.

“How did he know about the pump?” the city council official asked. “That is what I would like to know.”

The man allegedly told resident Anthony Scannell, 20, about the free fuel, and when Scannell was arrested and charged with larceny, he told police who told him how to do it. The warrant was then issued for the 21-year-old.

“How many other people did he tell? a resident asked.

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