Constipation can be side-effect of pain medications

Q: Can chronic lower back pain damage nerves in your gut and cause constipation? Would steroid injections help? Nancy S., Allen Park

A: Chronic pain can damage nerves, but it is highly unlikely that it has damaged nerves in your digestive system. It is likely that your constipation is a side-effect of consuming pain medications. Let your prescribing physician know about the side-effect you are experiencing. Lumbar epidural steroid injections may be helpful for managing your back pain; they should allow relief so that you can reduce or eliminate pain medications long enough to get to a normal routine.

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Q: I often have pain in my hand after using a mouse all day at work. Are there any injections or treatments that are non-invasive that can help? I want to avoid taking pills and surgery, if possible. Mark A., Southgate

A: Applying ice, resting your hand, taking breaks and changing the ergonomic set-up of your desk may help. If none of these alleviate your pain, then you may need to see a hand specialist for further evaluation to prevent the possibility of permanent nerve damage. If it is carpal tunnel syndrome, a minimally invasive surgery could resolve your pain and prevent long-term problems.

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Q: I am having back surgery soon and will be taking strong pain prescriptions for a few weeks afterward. I fear becoming addicted to them. Do you help manage this situation? Phyllis G., Westland

A: A professional pain physician can help you alleviate those fears with proper medication management. In many cases, addiction starts from longer term use of opiates; however, every person is different so having a qualified doctor manage your medication may be the best course of action for you.

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