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Teri Wyble

Teri Wyble

Q: Can you tell me when “The Following” will return to TV. It did get picked up for another season, right? —  Steve F., via email

A: The Kevin Bacon-starring suspense thriller will be back for a third season with 15 new episodes beginning Monday, March 2, with a two-hour season premiere (and picking up the following week in its 9/8c time slot). Also on tap for early 2015 premieres: “Bones” returns from it winter hiatus March 26 at 8/7c; “Glee” makes a move to Fridays starting with its premiere on Jan. 9 (also a two-hour premiere); and “American Idol” returns for its 14th season, sans Randy Jackson, on Jan. 7 at 8/7c. Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. will be back, and Adam Lambert will be filling in for Keith as a guest judge during the New York auditions. Keith took time off from the show in order to be with his wife, Nicole Kidman, after the death of her father.

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Q: Can you tell me anything about the new “Terminator” movie? —  Samuel D., Jackson, Miss.

A: The latest reboot of the classic sci-fi action series, which is called “Terminator: Genisys,” will be in theaters July 1, 2015. I recently spoke with Teri Wyble —  who plays Mariam, a member of John Connor’s inner circle of the resistance —  and she revealed a tiny bit of info to whet fans’ appetites. “It begins with John Connor, who’s continuing the war against the machines. I worked with Jason Clarke (who plays John Connor) a bunch. He had such a commanding presence, and I think he is so incredibly talented and so captivating.”

The question on everyone’s mind: Did she work with Arnold? “I was able to meet pretty much everyone for the read-through. We did a table read and so just reading the script with people like Jason Clark and Jai Courtney (Kyle Reese) and Emilia Clarke (Sarah Connor) and Arnold Schwarzenegger —  just being in that room with these people was pretty darn cool. I hope I can remember little moments like that, like being in that room when Arnold’s saying some of his famous lines.”

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Q: I’ve gotta have my “Justified”! —  Freddie F., via email

A: You’ll have it, Freddie, in just a few more weeks. The hit FX Western series will be back for its sixth and final season on Jan. 20 at 10 p.m., with Sam Elliott and Garret Dillahunt joining the cast. Get ready for that much-anticipated Raylan/Boyd final showdown!

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Readers: I have great news for all you “Longmire” fans! You asked, and Netflix listened. The streaming video website has picked up the former A&E series —  which was canceled earlier this year after three seasons —  for a 10-episode fourth season. The beloved Western crime drama will return sometime in 2015 —  an exact date has not yet been announced. According to Netflix, season four picks up moments after season three’s exciting finale.

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