Drunk woman searches for businesses open early

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A 24-year-old Lincoln Park woman may have had the munchies while banging on windows of businesses in the 3000 block of Biddle Oct. 19.

Police arrested the woman for disorderly conduct after an officer witnessed her tugging on doors of the businesses, Police Chief Daniel Grant said.

“She was very intoxicated,” Grant said.

The officer saw the woman go to the window of Frank’s Pizzeria, 3144, Biddle and after repeatedly tugging on the front door. She reportedly climbed a fence meant to secure other business doors, and started banging on them and trying to open them.

When the officer approached Wilson, he asked her to climb back over the fence. When asked what she was doing there, she couldn’t give him a reason.
Her right knee was bleeding, reportedly from an earlier fall, Grant said.

Grant said the officer arrested Wilson because she presented a danger to herself and others. Once she sobered up, she was released.

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