Confrontation leads to 15-minute school lockdown

Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW — Seitz Middle School was on a 15-minute lockdown Thursday afternoon when an eighth-grader, who was sent home earlier in the day for wanting to fight, returned shortly before school was dismissed for the day.

“The girl had a problem with another girl and wanted to fight,” Police Chief Cliff Rosebohm said. “She was sent home.”

The girl returned to the school, 17800 Kennebec, about 2:20 p.m., allegedly to confront the other student. The girl was intercepted by Principal Andrew Zulewski, who ordered the school under lockdown.

“There was no assault or weapons involved,” Rosebohm said.

The girl was in Zulewski’s custody while the school was locked down and released to her parent.

Rosebohm said students were all released from school on time.

The girl reportedly was upset because she was returning to Ohio for a hearing before Ohio Family Services.