Eric was caught off guard when he received a surprise visit from someone from his past. Wyatt encouraged Liam to take the next step in his relationship with Ivy. Hope and Ivy took part in a glamorous photo shoot with the city of Amsterdam as the backdrop. Pam gave Ridge relationship advice on how to get back in Katie’s good graces. Deacon noticed a similarity between Quinn and her son’s personalities. Wyatt’s plan to push Liam and Ivy closer together began to take shape. Maya began to reap the benefits of not only dating a Forrester, but the CEO of the company. Ridge jumped to Caroline’s defense when he witnessed Rick mistreating her. Liam and Ivy went on a romantic boat ride together. Wait to See: Forrester Creations signs a new model.


Hope uncovered some unsettling information about Aiden’s past. Rafe found Chad kissing Jordan. Later, Newcomer Paul flirted with both Jordan and Abigail. Aiden made a huge confession to Hope about his past. Brady and Theresa finally got some answers. Someone inadvertently threatened to expose JJ’s secret. Abigail attempted to work things out with Ben. Theresa’s world was turned upside down. Paige questioned Eve about her connection to Daniel. A guilt-ridden JJ confided in Daniel. Aiden and Hope discussed the next big step in their relationship. JJ made an angry accusation toward Eve. Ben realized Chad’s generous offer came with an ulterior motive. Wait to See: Eve orders JJ to break up with Paige.


Carly had a disturbing reality check about Franco. Meanwhile, Franco gathered intelligence on Obrecht’s plan and, as a result, pondered his next move. Nina opened the door to a surprise visitor. Shawn and Jordan made a decision regarding TJ. Sonny and Duke discussed their recent hardship. Rosalie and Michael formed a unique bond. Nina didn’t predict the fallout of her actions. Morgan was upset when Carly suddenly got sidelined. Kiki walked in on a shocking situation. Madeline contemplated coming clean to Nathan and Obrecht. Sonny and Carly lamented over the recent chain of events. Anna wondered why Lucy would go to such lengths to try and help Duke. Wait to See: Michael has an announcement for the Quartermaines.


Grace Turner arrived in Genoa City to visit Sharon. Phyllis informed Jack that she wanted to throw an engagement party. Victoria opened up to her mother about her feelings for Stitch. Meanwhile, Maureen tried to stop Stitch from telling Victoria what he’d been keeping from her. Adam secretly spied on Chelsea and their son and grew irate when he heard that Billy was going to move in. Paul and Christine shared an important discussion about their future. Avery confronted Joe about what he was truly after. Hilary feared that someone found out about her and Devon’s affair. Kevin insisted that Michael tell Lauren about the challenges he was facing. Chelsea found the surveillance camera. Wait to See: Austin learns about Summer’s past.

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