E-book program encourages reading

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Dearborn Public Schools will add an online e-book program to 11 elementary schools in the district. The MyON subscription will last for one year.

The cost for the program is $62,700 which will be funded from Title I.

Schools involved in the program are Becker, McDonald, William Ford, Oakman, Miller, Salina, River Oaks, Haigh, Whitmore-Bolles and DuVall elementary schools and Salina Intermediate.

The program was piloted last summer where students read more than 19,000 books. It began in September and will continue for the rest of the school year.

“Research shows when kids read more they become better readers,” said Kathleen McBroom, director of Compensatory Education and School Improvement. “The books will also help increase the reading growth of students.”

The e-book selection is ranked based on difficulty and interest. Parents also are encouraged to read using the program.

The subscription will provide unlimited access to more than 40,000 children’s fiction and non-fiction books. MyON is interactive and online so students can have access to the books at school and at home.

It helps track the number of books students read. Teachers can assign students books to read, or parents and children can select their own titles to read.

“Students having the choice makes them responsible for choosing reading material,” McBroom said. “It is also important because kids need access to reading no matter where they are. Not every family can always go to the local library or is on the same schedule every day.”

The MyON program can be accessed anytime and anywhere through smartphones, tablets and computers.

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