Darin Brooks stars as Wyatt on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

Darin Brooks stars as Wyatt on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

Wyatt put his mom in her place about the new order of priorities in his life. Hope and Liam shared an emotional moment as they discussed her pregnancy. Hope was less than thrilled to come home to find Quinn begging Wyatt for forgiveness. Ivy presented Liam with a symbolic token as they embarked on a new relationship. Quinn implored Deacon to assist her with getting through to Hope. When confronted about her odd behavior, Caroline confided in Ivy about the kiss she shared with Ridge during a design session. Katie had a warning for Ridge when he declared his intention to become the CEO. Deacon and Quinn discussed where their relationship was headed. Wait to See: Maya steps up her plan to win back Rick.

Kate feared that she and Sami were in serious trouble. Theresa asked Brady if they could start over. Eric made a surprising admission to Kristen. Jordan caught Chad in a vulnerable moment. Sami finally got some answers, but they weren’t what she expected. Clyde continued to court Kate. Ciara had a huge reaction to the news of her mom’s love life. Aiden got testy when Maggie asked too many questions about his life before Salem. Kate had a shocking warning for Sami. After telling JJ that she was finally ready to make love, Paige didn’t get the response from him that she expected. Eve flirted with Eric. Wait to See: Jennifer finds Daniel in Kristen’s hotel room.

Nina threatened to reveal Rosalie’s secret if she didn’t help her with her next scheme. Jordan visited the John Doe patient to see what he remembered about the night of the crash. Ava refused to seek help for her excruciating abdominal pain. Nina lashed out at Silas for all the bad things that have happened to her in the past 20 years. After realizing that Ava didn’t cause her accident after all, Sabrina confessed to Felix how she tampered with Ava’s pills. Michael was thrown by Franco’s request. Bobbie asked Carly if she really wanted to go through with the wedding. Nina realized that an unlikely person might be of use to her in her plan for revenge. Wait to See: Dante encourages Olivia to be honest with Ned.

Victor frantically tried to reach Nick to tell him about the paternity test results. Later, Mariah arrived and confronted Victor about Sharon’s secret. Billy was having a hard time coping with the fact that Chelsea used to be married to the man he hated the most, Adam. Joe began acquiring several properties in Genoa City. Victor noticed that the bottle of vodka in his home was nearly empty. Victoria informed Abby that her problems with Billy began long before Delia’s death. Hilary admitted to Devon that she loved him. Stitch told Victoria that he was getting a lawyer to secure his parental rights. Wait to See: Lily calls a truce with Hilary.

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