Sam Huntington

Sam Huntington

Q: Now that “Being Human” is over, what is Sam Huntington up to? I was so happy to see him turn up in the “Veronica Mars” movie. —  Michelle G., via email

A: The former werewolf star of the supernatural Syfy channel series currently is working on Jeremy Renner’s new project (Jeremy is the executive producer) for the Crackle network. It’s a 90-minute, international cyber-spy movie called “The Throwaways,” which also stars the legendary James Caan, as well as Kevin Dillon (“Entourage,” “Platoon” and “The Doors”). The feature follows notorious hacker Drew Reynolds (played by Huntington), who is captured by the CIA and given a proposition —  work for them or spend the rest of his life in prison.

Reynolds agrees to join on the condition that he gets to choose his own team. Instead of picking from the top agents the CIA recommends, Reynolds goes with a group of “throwaways,” those deemed expendable and seemingly the worst in the organization. Led by Lt. Col. Christopher Holden (Caan), and including gung-ho combat specialist Dan Fisher (Dillon), the throwaways have to track and take down a cyber-terrorist who is threatening mass destruction. Look for the film on Crackle this December.

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Q: I am so addicted to “Outlander.” Can you tell me when the second half of season one will air? —  Jeanne D., via email

A: Outlander returns from its winter hiatus with eight more episodes beginning April 4 on Starz. You, I and millions of other fans will have to wait patiently for six months to see Jamie rescue Claire from Black Jack Randall. I know it’s going to seem like forever. Here’s to hoping they don’t split up season two like that, right?

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Q: Is there seriously going to be a “Zoolander” sequel? I loved the first one, but I wonder how good a second one will be. —  Justin R. in Oklahoma

A: Rumors have been swirling for years about a sequel, and Will Ferrell confirmed in September that “Zoolander 2” is happening, and that his character, Mugatu, will be a part of it. Justin Theroux is rumored to be directing the movie, which he co-wrote with Ben Stiller, who will co-star along with Owen Wilson. The plot has Derek Zoolander (played by Stiller) and Hansel (Wilson) trying to compete against younger models as an opposing company tries to force them out of the business. I guess the Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good didn’t do so well, and Derek had to return to modeling to make ends meet.

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Q: With Halloween approaching, can you tell me if there will be another “Good Witch” movie? —  Patsy R., via email

A: Catherine Bell and company are returning to the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, Oct. 25, at 9/8c with the premiere of “The Good Witch’s Wonder.” With the popularity of the movies, be on the lookout for “The Good Witch” television series in early 2015.

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