1. COMICS: What was the name of Calvin’s neighborhood friend and classmate in “Calvin & Hobbes”?
2. LANGUAGE: What does “draconian” mean?
3. GEOGRAPHY: On what continent does the Atacama desert lie?
4. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What famous 19th-century author and humorist had only an elementary-school education?
5. ADVERTISING SLOGANS: What product is “the snack that smiles back”?
6. LITERATURE: What Southern author often wrote novels set in the fictional “Yoknapatawpha County”?
7. MUSIC: What was the name of Buddy Holly’s band?
8. FOOD & DRINK: What vegetable is used in making sauerkraut?
9. TELEVISION: What was Marge Simpson’s maiden name on the sitcom “The Simpsons”?
10. HISTORY: In what U.S. city was the Republican National Convention held in 1968?

1. Susie
2. Extremely harsh or cruel
3. South America
4. Mark Twain
5. Goldfish
6. William Faulkner
7. The Crickets
8. Cabbage
9. Bouvier
10. Miami Beach, Fla.

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