Wyandotte residents complain to council about rat problem

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – Rats appear to like the Downriver area as much as the residents do.

Valerie Lucas said she caught three rats in the backyard of her 2000 block Fourth Street house. One was pregnant.

“We cannot use poison because we and our neighbors have dogs,” Lucas told the City Council at its July 28 meeting. “If something isn’t done, these rats will soon be in your backyards.”

Resident Patricia Towle echoed Lucas’ sentiment. She said rats have tunneled their way into her house in the 400 block of Walnut.

“We have a rat problem in our neighborhood,” Towle said.

She said so far she and her husband have collected two inside and four outside via rat traps. In addition, she said her neighbor trapped some outside of her home, also.

“This is not a one-house problem,” Towle told the council. “We have dogs and cannot use poison outside of our homes. I am very concerned that the problem is going to get worse when the weather changes. I am the homeowner and shouldn’t have to move because of a rat problem.”

City Clerk William Griggs said the city takes an active role in trying to curb such pests.

“We attempt to control them,” Griggs said. “We send an exterminator out. This is a community problem.

“The whole Downriver is having a problem with them,” Griggs added.

Griggs said it’s important to get control of the situation.

“These little characters spread diseases and negative elements,” Griggs said.

One of the things officials encourage of residents is to put trash lids on tight, helping curb the rat problem and also preventing rain from getting in the containers. Keeping the rain out, Griggs said, helps sanitation workers, too.

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