Kristoff St. John stars as “Neil” on “The Young and The Restless.”


Hope was faced with a difficult decision. Deacon hoped that Brooke would give him another chance romantically. Bill was tipped off about Wyatt’s elaborate plan. Liam received an unexpected phone call that completely rocked his world. Oliver seduced Aly with a romantic gesture and a subtle reminder of their enchanting medieval evening. Word spread quickly throughout Forrester Creations regarding the incidents that took place in Paris and Monte Carlo. Bill threw caution to the wind and asked Brooke to marry him. Deacon hoped to gain the upper hand in a scheme. Quinn was interrogated about her role in Wyatt gaining possession of the diamond. Brooke became increasingly worried about her daughter’s well-being after she hadn’t been heard from since the photo shoot. Wait to See: Quinn and Deacon join forces.

A jealous Theresa warned Eve to stay away from Brady. Hope was shocked to learn that Aiden had a date with Jennifer. Kristen stunned all her enemies with her return to Salem. A livid Sami confronted Nicole for her part in Eric not being able to return to the priesthood. Kristen turned to Stefano for help. Marlena counseled Brady on his next move regarding Kristen. Sonny felt guilty about the secret that he was keeping from Will. Clyde started to make big plans for his future in Salem. Sami had an explosive confrontation with Will after reading his article. Clyde made a deal with Ben. Rafe pleaded his case to Jordan. Wait to See: Nicole gets a chance to confront Kristen.

Levi’s true colors were revealed and lives were in jeopardy before his wedding to Maxie began. Sam told Patrick that she wanted to work with him to find out who put Rafe up to the crash. Olivia let Sonny know whether or not they had a future together. Lucas extended a dinner invitation to both Brad and Felix. Britt barged in on Nikolas and Elizabeth’s cozy lunch together. Olivia made a formal apology to Carly. Sonny gave Milo some romantic tips. Franco and Nina found themselves in a compromising position. Nikolas allowed Britt to stay at his house after she got kicked out of her apartment. Carly learned about Franco’s whereabouts. Nina discovered that Ava was pregnant. Wait to See: Sabrina returns from Puerto Rico.

Neil decided to buy a house for Hilary. Meanwhile, Hilary and Devon were declaring their feelings for one another. Sharon confronted Ian by asking about Mariah’s mother. Nikki continued to struggle with her sobriety. Christine walked in just in time to see Paul comforting Nikki. Chelsea invited Billy to her son’s birthday party. Abby interrupted an awkward moment between Stitch and Victoria. Kelly urged Jack not to leave town to see Phyllis. Meanwhile, Victor privately met with Phyllis’s doctor. Nick did some research into Mariah’s past. Jill and Colin returned from their trip to find a letter from Katherine. Esther had some urgent news. Wait to See: Summer introduces Austin to Phyllis.

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