How celiac disease impacts fertility


Q: My husband and I want a family. Will my celiac disease impact my fertility, ability to have a safe pregnancy and birth. Please advise, thank you. Carrie P., Belleville

A: Celiac should not impede your plans as long as it is well-controlled and you follow a strict gluten-free diet. If you are having symptoms, get them completely under control before becoming pregnant. Also, if you are already taking any celiac medications, they are safe to continue taking throughout your pregnancy. However, do not start taking these medications while you are pregnant.

Q: If cancer is found during a colonoscopy do you have to start treatments like chemotherapy right away? Raymond T., Riverview

A: It depends. The cancer needs to be removed and the stage determined first. Based on that, the oncologist can evaluate if you need chemo or not. If it is in an early stage, you may only need it removed. The removal may be done by polypectomy or local excision through a colonoscope. Colon resection may occasionally be needed if a tumor is too big to be removed by local excision. Chemotherapy is usually utilized when the cancer has spread into tissue outside the colon and lymph nodes.

Q: I was diagnosed with Diverticulosis and have noticed that I get lower abdominal pain. Now I am very distended and have pressure in the lower abdominal area. Any recomendations? Bill M., Flat Rock

A: The most important thing is to avoid constipation. Make sure your bowel movements are regular by eating a lot of fiber and staying well-hydrated. If your symptoms are worsening and you are developing fevers and abdominal pain, contact your doctor. It is possible that you may have inflammation or infection and it could turn into diverticulitis.

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