Soap Updates

Emme Rylan stars as “Lulu” on “General Hospital.”


Hearing that Liam was reluctant to meet Hope in Paris, hopeless romantics Aly and Ivy urged him to change his mind. Liam took their advice and thought about adding a surprise wedding to his plans as well. Meanwhile, Hope set Wyatt straight about her commitment to Liam. Aly and Oliver enjoyed their time together alone while the rest of the crew was out of the office. Rick and Felicia met at Forrester International to finalize all of the details for the ad campaign. Quinn made sure that nothing got in the way of Wyatt and Hope’s trip. Hope was the main focus of a glamorous photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower. Wait to See: Monte Carlo provides the setting for another romantic interlude.

Eric’s fate was decided after being questioned at the Vatican. Sami was flattered when she assumed that Rafe wanted her back. Jordan attacked Kate. A desperate EJ offered to make a deal with Victor. Eric made a huge decision about his future. Paige stunned JJ and Eve with her unexpected plans. EJ realized that he might have a chance with Sami after all, but not if Kate had anything to do with it. Rafe tried to explain his actions to Jordan. Jennifer and Eve went head-to-head in court. Kristen made an emotional confession to Daniel. Eric told Nicole that he hated her. Marlena demanded answers from a nervous Theresa. Wait to See: Kristen is shocked by what Daniel has in store for her.

Julian admitted his crime to Alexis. Nathan contemplated his true feelings for Maxie. Sparks flew during Shawn and Jordan’s discussion about her involvement in a recent
mob incident. Sonny touched base with Michael and Morgan regarding Alice’s poor prognosis. Olivia made a move on Ned. Patrick decided to keep a new discovery from Sam. Molly told Silas that she remembered something Rafe said about the crash. Alexis made a choice about Julian. Carly comforted Sonny, while Nina witnessed their close moment. Nathan looked into a case about some mysterious stolen objects. Sonny and Morgan had a candid discussion about Ava. Lulu learned whether or not she could proceed with hormone treatments. Wait to See: Nathan confronts Levi about his wrongdoings.

Stitch asked Victoria to trust him no matter what. Chelsea told Billy that they should stop seeing each another. Nikki struggled with her sobriety as she waited for the outcome of her trial. Ian offered to split his settlement with Dylan. Kevin and Mariah commiserated over a bad day. Abby and Devon’s date wasn’t exactly magical. Hilary and Lily’s altercation quickly escalated. Nikki accused Ian of leaking her diary to the press. Nick started looking into Mariah’s past. Austin’s trial was quickly approaching. Phyllis was determined to be the perfect candidate for experimental treatments. Kurtz tried to blackmail Colin after finding out that the necklace was a fake. Wait to See: Dylan gets to know his father.

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