Shawn Christian stars as “Daniel” on “Days of Our Lives.”


Liam demanded that Hope return Wyatt’s gift. Deacon visited Brooke to see how she was handling the news about Bill’s involvement in Ridge’s accident. As part of his plan to win back Hope, Wyatt convinced Rick to call an impromptu press conference. Hounded by the media at the press conference, Hope was put on the spot about whether she would accept Wyatt’s gift. Meanwhile, a helpless Liam was forced to watch Wyatt’s public display of affection for the woman he loved. In front of Deacon, Bill made a last-ditch effort to earn Brooke’s forgiveness. Quinn returned to Los Angeles a changed woman. Wait to See: Hope and Wyatt plan a business trip to Paris.


Brady’s fate was decided. Marlena got a bad feeling regarding John. Nicole informed Eric of her decision. Kristen demanded answers from Daniel. Eve blackmailed Theresa into helping her out with a medical situation. A vengeful Sami lured Kayla into her mission to destroy Abigail. Will decided to strike back at his mother. Kate had a mysterious proposal for Victor. Daniel was horrified by what Kristen was planning for Brady. Eric wrestled with his feelings for Nicole. EJ was stunned by Victor’s revelation. Kristen used force to get what she wanted from Daniel. Rafe was curious about what he saw between Jordan and Clyde. Sami dropped a bomb on Jordan. Clyde gave Ben a stern warning. Wait to See: JJ warns Sami to leave his sister alone.

Julian lashed out at Luke for the threat against his family. Dante started to investigate the lead Jordan had on the possible mob boss. Franco got caught snooping on Carly’s computer. While Nikolas continued to fret over Spencer, Britt was torn about telling him the truth. Josslyn was keeping something hidden in her room. Tracy learned about a possible eleventh hour cure for Alice. Julian told Sonny he knew the truth about AJ. Ava filled Julian in on her latest business deal. Silas couldn’t remember his night with Nina. Patrick and Sam encountered several twists and turns during their investigation of Nina. Meanwhile, Silas told Kiki about his relationship status with Sam. Wait to See: Lucas has an enticing proposition for Felix and Brad.

Nikki explained to the court why she couldn’t keep Ian’s child. Victoria was shocked by Stitch’s explanation about his past. Lily comforted Kelly when she admitted that she didn’t know how things stood between her and Jack. Kevin found more incriminating information on Stitch. Neil bought a dream home for Hilary, Meanwhile, Devon bluntly told Hilary that he didn’t believe she loved his dad. Abby got jealous when she saw Tyler with another woman. Kevin found himself in hot water. Sharon had another flashback about her confrontation with Phyllis in the stairwell. Lauren was worried about Fen going to college out of state. Phyllis’s fingers began to twitch. Wait to See: Gloria is determined to help Kevin.

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