No correlation between prevention, polyp growth


Q: I recently had a colonoscopy where a pre-cancerous polyp was removed. What extra precautions should I take to prevent more polyps from developing? Kris L., Wyandotte

A: At this time, studies have shown no correlation between prevention and polyp growth. However, following a healthy lifestyle is still advised – follow a clean diet and reduce your consumption of red meats. If you have a family history of colon cancer, be vigilant about having screenings done at the proper time.

Q: I am having stomach discomfort, nausea and and occasional vomitting. I’ve tested negative for H. pylori and gallbladder issues. The Prilosec I’m taking for acid-reflux helped for a few days, but the nausea and other symptoms are returning. Is there anything else I should be asking my doctor about or taking? Dan T., Southgate

A: Further evaluation by a gastroenterologist is needed before more medications are prescribed or consumed. Lab tests are not always accurate for H pylori. The next approach would be to have a scope of your upper gastrointestinal tract where we take a direct look into your stomach to confirm if any other etiologies or issues exist.

Q: I think I may have irritable bowel syndrome. Is it something that goes away or should I see a doctor right away about it. What steps do you take to diagnose it? Roberta M., Melvindale

A: IBS is a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning we have to rule out all other potentially serious digestive health issues before concluding that IBS is actually your condition. We start with blood tests and obtain a thorough health history, you may or may not need endoscopy depending on your age, history, etc. — each individual is different. If you start having any new symptoms (i.e., blood in your stool), see your doctor as soon as possible for an evaluation.

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