Police Blotter


Allen Park
Man touches himself in front of teens

A man between 50 and 65 reportedly touched himself in front of two teenage girls at the Allen Park Cinema, 6601 Allen Road July 15.

The balding man reportedly was wearing shorts and sat next to the girls where he exposed himself during a matinee.

Police are hoping to learn the identity of the man. Anyone with information is encouraged to call police.

Two motorcyclists injured in separate crashes
Firefighters, police and rescue busied themselves July 20 with two motorcycle crashes.

A 30-year-old man was injured when he crashed his motorcycle about 7:30 p.m. on Southfield Road near the eastbound I-94 ramp. He refused treatment.

Nearly three hours later, a second man was seriously injured at Southfield Road and Outer Drive when he crashed his motorcycle. The man, said to be in his 50s, was taken to the hospital while his passenger was treated and released at the scene.

Neither motorcyclist was wearing a helmet. Both crashes are under investigation. Neither crash involved another vehicle.

Man arrested for warrant

A 20-year-old Southgate man was arrested for an outstanding warrant following a stop by police while walking down the shoulder of the Southfield Freeway near Michigan Avenue just after 11 p.m. July 26.

An officer traveling south on the freeway observed a man walking along the shoulder and activated his emergency lights before pulling over to talk to him. The man verbally identified himself and told the officer that he was walking home to Southgate.

The officer ran a check of the man’s identification and discovered that he was wanted for an outstanding warrant from 19th District Court for larceny.

The man was arrested, handcuffed and searched before being transported to the police department.

Man arrested for OWI, warrant
A 45-year-old Detroit man was arrested for operating while intoxicated and having an outstanding warrant following a traffic stop at Ford Road and Hines Drive at 11 p.m. July 20.

Officers patrolling near Ford and the Southfield Freeway observed a black GMC pickup truck traveling with the driver’s side rear brake light malfunctioning.

The officers initiated a traffic stop, and after pulling over, the driver of the truck attempted to get out of the vehicle but police had him get back inside. Officers observed a strong odor of intoxicants from the vehicle and reported that the man had a slow, slurred speech and red, glassy eyes. When asked if he had been drinking the man said he had but had stopped several hours earlier.

The man was given several field sobriety tests, which he failed, and then asked if he would submit to a check of his blood alcohol content, which he refused.

A check of the man’s identification showed that he was wanted for a warrant from Wayne County Circuit Court for malicious destruction of property.

The man was arrested for the warrant and the suspected OWI and then handcuffed, searched and secured in the patrol vehicle for transportation to the police department.

The truck was towed from the scene and impounded.

At the station the man consented to having blood drawn and analyzed by the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Laboratory for alcohol content and was transported to a local hospital for the work.

Dearborn Heights
House window damaged

A resident called police after discovering that a side window to his house had been shot by a BB gun in the 5900 block of Robindale just before 7:30 p.m. July 24.

Officers arrived and spoke to the caller, who said that while he was away from the house his wife was inside and heard something hit a side window. When he got home, she informed him of the noise and he checked the window, which was double pane with one pane cracked but not shattered and the other intact.

Officers checked the area and determined that the window was struck by two BBs due to small holes in the window screen.

The officers checked the property but did not find anything of evidentiary value.

The woman did not report hearing or seeing anything suspicious.

Tires and rims stolen from vehicle
Police were called to investigate the theft of all four tires and rims from a vehicle parked in the 27200 block of West Canfield Drive after 9 a.m. July 25.

The victim told police she parked her 2013 Dodge Dart in her driveway the previous evening, locked and secured is and last saw it intact about midnight. About 8:30 a.m. she was approached by a neighbor and told that all of the wheels were missing from her vehicle.

The victim went outside to investigate and observed the wheels missing and that the unknown offender had put two doughnuts on the vehicle and left the other side laying on the ground, which caused extensive damage to the bottom of the vehicle.

No suspect information was available.

Lincoln Park
Teen suspect held in mini-bike theft

A 16-year-old boy is scheduled to appear before juvenile authorities after allegedly taking a $700 Baja Doodlebug mini-bike without the owner’s permission.

Police responded at 10 p.m. Monday to a parking lot near Dix and O’Connor, where Allen Park police had in custody the teen suspect. The bike had been parked at Quandt Park by its 13-year-old owner. The bike had been taken sometime between 9:30 and 10 p.m., while the owner was with friends nearby, and the suspect was seen pulling the rope-handle starter.

According to police reports, the 16-year-old admitted to having taken the bike, “but was planning on giving it back.”

The owner’s father had found the bike at a nearby donut shop and called police. The suspect was taken into custody, released to his mother and awaits a hearing with youth bureau investigators.

Burglar makes clean getaway

A woman returned to her home early Sunday morning after having been in the city jail to discover the theft of a few items and a cleaner home than she’d left.

Police responded at 8:50 a.m. to the 24000 block of Mary, where a woman said she’d just been released from the Taylor police holding cell — for reasons undisclosed on the report — and discovered the back door had been kicked in and numerous items taken.

According to police reports, “Whoever broke in was thoughtful enough to clean her house.” The woman said she didn’t remember the kitchen and living room being as orderly when last seen.

A small TV, some cash and jewelry were taken, along with a plastic garbage bag she’d last seen sitting near the door that was, she said, filled with “unknown items.”

The woman said she didn’t think the break-in had anything to do with her brief incarceration.

Cash, jewelry taken from home
A homeowner called police when he saw the front door open at a neighboring rental house and no sign of its tenant. Investigators soon discovered a broken back window and theft of ear rings and money.

Police responded to the call shortly after 11 a.m. July 26 from the 6900 block of Harold Avenue. The home owner had called investigators after speaking with the woman who rents the house, who had been certain she’d locked the doors.

According to police reports, a landscaping brick had been thrown through rear window, the likely entry point. Police checked for evidence and are investigating.

TVs, electronics stolen
A man told police that sometime between 4 and 11 p.m. July 26, someone had cut through the window screen of an upstairs bedroom and took off with about $1,500 worth of electronics.

Police responded to the 15000 block of Pond Village Drive, where a man said two flat-screen TVs, two video game systems and assorted items and games had been stolen while he was at work. Police checked for evidence and are investigating.

Disorderly hotel guest taken to jai

A man police were asked to escort from a motel for suspicious behavior wound up in a holding cell after cursing at and threatening responding officers.

Police were called to the Trenton Motor Inn, 2711 Veterans Parkway, shortly after midnight Tuesday after guests complained of a man walking around outside in his underwear and peeking into windows.

Responding officers spoke with the suspect, who answered the door in his underwear and said he’d thought he heard someone knocking on the door and was just looking around. The man appeared intoxicated, and admitted to having had several beers. The man was advised to stay inside for the night, and police left the motel.

Officers were called back to the same location two hours later after being told the man was wandering the parking lot and disrupting guests. Police found the man — wearing jeans this time — who said he thought he’d heard voices outside his window.

The man was visibly intoxicated, according to police reports, and had been told by the manager he was no longer welcome.

Police advised the man to collect his belongings and leave. Instead he began to “stumble and curse at officers,” and challenged them from across the parking lot.

The man was then taken into custody until sober, and expected to be charged with disorderly conduct.

(Compiled by James Mitchell, Tereasa Nims and Bob Oliver.)