1. MOVIES: Who starred in the 1957 film “An Affair to Remember”?
2. FOOD & DRINK: Osso bucco is traditionally made with what type of meat?
3. GEOGRAPHY: On which continent is the nation of Djibouti located?
4. GAMES: In Monopoly, what is the name of the square that represents the water utility?
5. ANATOMY: What is a more common name for the umbilicus?
6. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: A big band dance called the “Lindy Hop” came to be associated with which early 20th-century celebrity?
7. RELIGION: According to the Old Testament, Noah’s Ark landed on what mountain range?
8. ENTERTAINMENT: Who created the catchphrase “Bam!” on his television show?
9. GOVERNMENT: How long is a U.S. senator’s term of office?
10. SCIENCE: What are endorphins?

1. Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr
2. Veal
3. Africa
4. Water Works
5. Navel or belly button
6. Charles Lindbergh, who was the first to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
7. The Mountains of Ararat
8. TV chef Emeril Lagasse
9 Six years
10. Chemicals produced in the body that reduce perception of pain

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