State changes alcohol policy for Homecoming

DEARBORN – Because of a new directive from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission, visitors to Homecoming should be prepared for a change at the annual festival.

In 2014, all alcohol must be purchased and consumed within four designated areas of the festival grounds to meet the state’s requirements.

The state’s directive means better control of alcohol consumption at the festival grounds.

Visitors cannot leave a designated area with alcohol and travel through the festival grounds. Visitors cannot take their drinks from one designated area to another designated area.

Visitors, however, should find the designated areas accommodating to enjoying the festival as usual, including being able to view the Main Stage entertainment and the fireworks.

The four designated areas generally are:
• A perimeter around the Italian Pavilion, including the picnic area and bocce ball courts.

• A perimeter around the Polish Pavilion.

• A perimeter around the American Legion tent.

• A large perimeter that encompasses the Food Court, Food Trucks, Main Stage, Dining Tent, Community Tent, Children’s Activity Field, classic car show area, reunion area. Living History Hill, Arts Area and fireworks viewing area. This area essentially includes all activities west of the service road going down the hill from Cherry Hill to the covered bridge.

Access to and from these perimeters will be staffed to assist with compliance of the state’s new requirement.

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