Heather Tom stars as “Katie” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”


Wyatt returned for his first day back at Forrester Creations with a lucky charm in his pocket. With new information in hand, Katie was having a difficult time processing Bill’s guilt. Wyatt revealed a secret to Ivy that concerned the “Hope for the Future” campaign. Ridge devised a plan to get Bill to confess to being the conspirator of the accident in Abu Dhabi. Thoughts and emotions regarding Wyatt’s return were debated at a company meeting. Katie told Brooke that Ridge’s fall from the helicopter was likely not an accident. During a visit with Deacon, Hope began to realize the real reason why her father returned to Los Angeles. Wyatt presented Hope with a generous gift. Wait to See: An unexpected kiss changes everything.

Sami and Will had a major fight when he demanded that she drop her revenge plot against Abigail. Jordan was deeply shaken after an encounter with Clyde. Rafe realized Kate’s feelings for him might be deeper than he thought. Hope was horrified when Ciara invited Aiden and Chase to join them on their vacation. Eric met with the bishop and learned drastic measures must be taken to clear his name —  and it all depended on Nicole. Brady informed Maggie he was making a major life change. Theresa realized she was quickly running out of options. JJ and Paige’s romantic night took a horrible, unexpected turn. Kristen returned and was up to no good. Brady’s fate was decided. Wait to See: Eve blackmails Theresa into helping her out with a medical situation.

Julian forced Ava to reveal the goods she had on Sonny before he would help her. Meanwhile, Sonny was stunned by what he discovered at home. Nina’s schemes put Sam and Silas’s relationship to the test. Carly interrupted a close moment between Franco and Nina. Patrick told Anna that he had no choice but to move on and put his life back together. Alexis wanted Molly to move back home. Tracy updated Luke on her bid to take over ELQ. Ned and Olivia bonded over drinks. Jordan’s life was at risk because her cover was about to be blown. An explosion pushed Julian over the edge. Wait to See: Mickey learns the truth about Jordan.

Hilary surprised Neil with tickets to a White Sox game. Chelsea found the handkerchief that she carried when she married Adam. At an Abbott family dinner, Abby made it known that she was no fan of Kelly. Summer realized that there were still a lot of things she didn’t know about Austin. Billy was upset to learn that Stitch would be at Victoria’s paternity-test appointment. Kevin hacked into Stitch’s records at the hospital. Victor hired a specialist to secretly treat Phyllis without her family knowing. Paul decided not to testify at Nikki’s hearing. Chelsea wondered if getting involved with Billy was a big mistake. Wait to See: Summer and Mariah get into an altercation.

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