1. GEOGRAPHY: What sea lies just west of Rome, Italy?
2. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is the average lifespan of an adult housefly?
3. MOVIES: What 1999 movie with Brad Pitt featured the tagline “Mischief. Mayhem. Soap.”?
4. MEASURES: How much beer would a firkin hold?
5. MYTHOLOGY: What area of life did the Roman goddess Discordia rule?
6. BIBLE: Which one of the Ten Commandments forbids coveting?
7. U.S. CITIES: What is the capital of Vermont?
8. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is North Korea’s basic currency?
9. HUMAN ANATOMY: Where are the tarsi located?
10. LITERATURE: What famous author went by the pseudonym of “Boz”?

1. Tyrrhenian Sea
2. Two to four weeks
3. “Fight Club”
4. About 9 gallons
5. Strife
6. Tenth Commandment
7. Montpelier
8. The won
9. Ankles
10. Charles Dickens

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