Mishael Morgan stars as “Hilary” on “The Young and The Restless.”


Ridge began putting the pieces together about his accident. Justin warned Bill that their involvement in Ridge’s fall might soon be revealed. Aly turned to Darla for advice on what to do about her situation with Oliver. After gaining Carter as an ally, Oliver learned the motivation behind Maya’s recent behavior. Bill tried to hide his fear from Brooke that Ridge was solving the puzzle. Determined to win Aly back, Oliver made a grand gesture to prove his feelings for her. In front of Brooke and Katie, Ridge pointed an accusatory finger at Bill. Oliver apologized to Aly in a way that she could not help but forgive him. Wait to See: Deacon tries to redeem himself in Brooke’s eyes.

Brady feared that he might have killed his father. EJ made an emotional plea to Sami. Later, Sami was caught off-guard when Kate did the unexpected. Jordan’s worst nightmare came true when Clyde showed his face. Marlena was horrified by the news of John’s condition. Will received an assignment that might put him at odds with his loved ones. Sami overheard a shocking secret. Ben asked Abigail if she was still in love with EJ. Jordan and Ben shared a tense reunion with Clyde. Eric had a favor to ask of Nicole. Jennifer spied Daniel and Eve growing closer. Daniel gave Brady the grim news about John. Theresa feared her lies were about to be exposed. Wait to See: Paige questions whether she ever really knew JJ.

Due to recent events, Nina wondered if she should come clean to Silas. Michael questioned Morgan about his relationship status with Kiki. Tracy made a promise to Alice, but with strings attached. Elizabeth was taken aback when she found Nikolas and Britt together at Spencer’s day camp. Nina overheard some incriminating evidence that she planned to use to her advantage. Anna encouraged Patrick not to give up on his marriage. Levi hit Maxie with the news that he might be forced to leave Port Charles. Nina put her plan in motion to break up Sam and Silas. Nikolas was on to Spencer’s shenanigans. Wait to See: Lucy’s love life is falling apart.

Summer was upset that no one approved of her relationship with Austin. Dylan found out that he was being called as a witness in Ian’s lawsuit against Nikki. Lily was annoyed that Devon was still so focused on Hilary. Meanwhile, Cane tried to reason with Hilary to set Neil free. Dylan worried that Avery’s good intentions for Austin would eventually backfire. Colin offered to be a partner in Jill and Lauren’s boutique. Sharon told Dr. Mead about how her memory was coming back bit by bit. Victor sought out a specialist for Phyllis. Stitch asked Chelsea to quit digging through his past. An Abbott family dinner was planned as Traci returned home to Genoa City. Wait to See: Nikki’s trial ends up being her worst nightmare.

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