Michael Easton stars as “Silas” on “General Hospital.”


Oliver asked Maya if she still had feelings for him. Brooke and Katie reflected on their tumultuous past and agreed to move forward in a positive direction. Ridge began to panic when he realized that his greatest talent might have been destroyed by the accident. Rick and Caroline debated whether or not to play the recording of Oliver to Aly. Eric called a company meeting to showcase Ridge’s new designs. Ivy Forrester arrived in Los Angeles for a visit, which put her at the right place at the right time. Ridge begged Katie to keep his heartbreaking secret. Wyatt and Liam shared a new brotherly bond. Wait to See: Carter is furious over Maya’s recent antics.

Sami’s move was a game-changer. EJ urged Abigail to cooperate with him. Clyde spied on Jordan and Ben. Brady lashed out at John and finished with a chilling threat. EJ received some unexpected news. For JJ’s sake, Jennifer tried to make peace with Eve. Later, Eve “fired” Daniel, only to ask him out on a date. Clyde broke into Jordan’s apartment. Sami and EJ had a major confrontation. Jennifer didn’t get quite the reaction she was expecting from Eve. Hope took Aiden’s breath away when she arrived at the gala. Theresa and Brady partied hard in Vegas. Marlena unveiled a hidden talent to save the gala. Abigail’s worst nightmare came true. A livid JJ confronted Eve. Aiden and Hope shared a romantic dance. Wait to See: Theresa and John’s verbal altercation ends in violence.

Silas blamed himself for Rafe’s downward spiral. Patrick was forced into a compromising work situation. Levi warned Nathan not to reveal any information about his visa. Now that they discovered that there was a new player in the mob, Anna and Jordan devised a plan. At the end of the day, the latest Port Charles tragedy weighed heavily on Julian’s guilty conscious. Despite her declining health, Alice was determined to warn Michael about Tracy’s schemes. Patrick and Silas were at odds over Rafe. Brad walked in on a close moment between Lucas and Felix. Wait to See: Lucas turns to his dad for love advice.

Victoria wondered if she could ever trust Stitch again. Nick told Sharon about Mariah’s ties to Ian. Chelsea admitted to Billy how she really felt about him. Nick decided not to interfere with Summer’s relationship with Austin. Lily lashed out at Hilary. Ian filed a lawsuit against Nikki. Nick and Sharon discussed where they were headed as a couple. Stitch called Chelsea out on digging into his past. Jack struggled to make peace with Summer and Austin’s dating. Nikki told Paul that if she had known that he was Dylan’s father, she never would have given him up for adoption. Devon realized that he must stay away from Hilary so as not to break his father’s heart. Wait to See: Adam spies on Chelsea and Billy.

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