Deidre Hall stars as “Marlena” on “Days of Our Lives.”


Hope wondered if Quinn had caused Liam’s accident. Head-over-heels for Oliver after their magical night together, Aly penned him a love note. Oliver justified his feelings for Aly when Rick and Caroline confronted him about the voice recording. Wyatt assured Hope that Quinn might be manipulative, but she wasn’t dangerous. A shaken Liam recounted to Hope his terrifying encounter with Quinn the evening before. Deacon got on Quinn’s bad side when he verbally hit her where it hurt with a comment about her son. Bill and Deacon came face-to-face for the first time in years. Wait to See: Ridge returns to work a changed man.

Chaos erupted at Sami and EJ’s wedding. Clyde contacted Kate about his future plans. Nicole tried her best to clear Eric’s name. Hope questioned Aiden about his deceased wife. Roman used Giselle to make Marlena jealous. EJ was certain that Stefano was to blame for his latest troubles. Marlena and Roman rushed to Sami’s side to support their daughter. JJ’s graduation day was marred by Eve’s lawsuit against Jennifer. Later, Jennifer informed JJ that Eve and Theresa were sisters. Salem’s citizens celebrated the Fourth of July with a scorching-hot BBQ by the lake. Eve worked her charms on Daniel. Theresa shared a warm moment with Caroline. Paige confronted JJ about keeping something from her. Wait to See: Clyde tracks down Jordan.

Ned wondered whether Tracy and Luke were in cahoots. Nathan and Maxie accidentally found themselves in a compromising position. Alice got sidelined while telling Michael the truth about Tracy. Patrick, Silas and Sam rushed to confront the driver of the car. TJ let Molly in on Rafe’s transgressions, while Rafe made a discovery about Nina. Meanwhile, Nina continued to mislead Silas. Patrick shared a difficult reality with Emma. Britt enlisted Spencer to help her win back Nikolas. Maxie and Nathan shared a tender moment. Sonny was caught off guard when Ava invited her mother to live with them. Rafe conned Silas into giving him money. Wait to See: Tracy blackmails Alice.

Christine asked Nikki to promise not to tell Paul that Dylan was his son. Ian blackmailed Leslie into representing him. Summer professed her love to Austin. Nick warned Mariah not to get too close to his family. Later, Mariah asked Ian if he was manipulating her along with everyone else in town. A drunken Devon crashed his father’s celebration with Hilary. Kelly confronted Billy about flying to Australia to visit Jenna. Kevin thought he found something incriminating on Stitch. With his life on the line, Colin confessed to Jill that he owed a large sum of money. Kelly was forced to come clean with Jack about her true relationship with Stitch. Victoria got closer to finding out the paternity of her unborn child. Tempers flared between Lily and Hilary. Wait to See: Paul and Dylan explore their blood ties.

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