Prisoner charged for assault on officer

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR — A Trenton man who was facing charges of retail fraud as a repeat offender was quickly arraigned on additional felony counts after he attacked an officer while in custody.

Shawn Paul Grossman, 35, was charged on Thursday, in 23rd District Court with eight crimes including kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment and assault charges after an aborted attempt to flee from custody two days earlier. Police Chief Mary Sclabassi said the charge of assault by strangulation described Grossman’s attack on a corrections officer at the city holding cell.

“The defendant was holding her by the neck while also holding a metal object,” Sclabassi said. “He’s been arraigned on the new charges.”

The assault was recorded by security cameras. Grossman had been taken into custody the day before on suspicion of retail fraud, and while being taken from his cell to make a phone call he reportedly pulled a short piece of metal from his pocket. He allegedly grabbed the officer and held the makeshift weapon — believed to be part of a fire sprinkler — to her throat.

The threat was short-lived as additional officers responded and Grossman was returned to his cell. The officer was reportedly injured and was treated at Oakwood Hospital — Taylor.

Grossman is subject to repeat offender penalties as a recent parolee with four prior convictions that resulted in prison terms. According to the state Department of Corrections, Grossman had been released from custody in May after serving less than two months of an 18-month maximum sentence for first degree retail fraud.

In April 2013 he was released after serving seven months of a two-year maximum for cocaine possession, and prior convictions included breaking and entering and fleeing and eluding.

A preliminary exam is scheduled for July 14. Grossman remained in custody on $500,000 cash bond.

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