DHMC students raise $7,500 for Heart Association

Photo courtesy of Margaux & Associates, LLC
Elementary students at Dearborn Heights Montessori Center “Silly String” Brett Rosbury, DHMC’s physical education instructor, during the school’s annual Field Day.

HEIGHTS – Elementary grade students at Dearborn Heights Montessori Center raised more than $7,500 for the American Heart Association during the school’s annual “Jump Rope for Heart” fundraising campaign.

This year, the students’ efforts helped DHMC rank among the top five contributing schools in Wayne County.

  The campaign began in March with classroom discussions and a video about heart disease, the benefits of exercise and nutrition to help prevent heart problems, and the impact on children born with heart defects. 

Fundraising efforts concluded with a “Jump Rope for Heart” event in April in the school’s gymnasium. Students from first through sixth-grade classes took turns at different stations to jump rope, hop scotch, vertical jump and other activities.

“The children’s enthusiasm was contagious,” Physical Education teacher Brett Rosbury said. “In addition to making personal donations, students collected online donations and checks from parents and other family members, neighbors and friends.”

During DHMC’s annual Field Day in May, all students from the school’s preschool through middle school classes took part in a wide variety of fun outdoor activities that showcased the skills they learned throughout the year. Rosbury said the emphasis is not on winning, but rather on setting goals and self-improvement.

To recognize the fundraising efforts this year, students who raised $50 or more each in the “Jump Rope for Heart” earned the opportunity to “Silly String” Rosbury on Field Day. 

  Joy Meadows, AHA’s youth market director, also participated in the Field Day event to help students “Silly String” their teacher