By Cindy Elavsky
Q: One of my favorite shows was “Brothers and Sisters.” Can you tell me what my favorite actor from that show, Luke Macfarlane, has coming up next? —  Vivian R., Brunswick, Ga.

A: Luke can be seen next starring in the Hallmark Movie Channel’s original movie “The Memory Book,” which premieres Saturday, July 26, at 9/8c. The story centers on photographer Chloe (played by Meghan Ory), who stumbles upon an old photo album from the 1970s. She sets out to find the couple in the album to prove that true love exists. Along the way, she meets Gabe Sinclair (Luke), a mysterious but charming bartender who soon finds himself falling in love with her.

I spoke with Luke about what the movie means to him: “I think it’s about investigating the past and learning from those who’ve come before us about how to live our lives. That sounds a little over the top, but I think the movie is about what the generation before us has to teach us. I’m a big history buff myself. I always look to the past, and I think that’s what our main characters are doing —  looking to the past and seeing how it formed them. I think it’s also about staying open to the possibility of love.”

Luke looks back fondly on his time on “Brothers and Sisters”: “It was a great experience. It’s so rare that something lasts for five years. We got to tell a lot of really good stories. As far as the cast goes, I see Matthew Rhys whenever I’m in New York. I love Sally Field. She’s everything that everyone wants her to be. And Calista Flockhart —  it was an amazing, positive experience.”
* * *
Q: I was super excited about the new series “Hieroglyph,” and now I hear it won’t be airing. What’s up with that? —  Gina R., via email

A: Fox recently announced that it’s decided to pull the plug on the historical fantasy/thriller centered on ancient Egypt, even though it gave the green light and shot the pilot episode. According to insiders: “The series wasn’t creatively coming together the way executives had hoped.” After watching the trailer for the series, to me it looked like a cheap “Game of Thrones” rip-off, so maybe Fox execs were saving us from finding that out for ourselves.
* * *
Q: You wrote before that “Cedar Cove” is returning this summer. Do you know when yet? —  Audrey E., via email

A: The popular Hallmark Channel series starring Andie MacDowell returns for its 12-episode second season on Thursday, July 17, at 8/7c. The show opens with Olivia (Andie MacDowell) and Jack (Dylan Neal) rushing to the hospital to wait with Jack’s son, Eric (Tom Stevens), as Eric’s girlfriend suffers from a serious pregnancy complication. This causes Olivia to flash back to the last time she was in the hospital —  the tragic day her son died.

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