Quick response saves house after lightening strike

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK — Nancy Simmons couldn’t boast enough about how the Fire Department saved a house on Keppen Avenue Tuesday afternoon after lightening struck it.

She told the City Council Tuesday she saw the lightening strike the house and heard the loud boom. Simmons said she truly believes had it not been for the firefighters’ quick response, the house would have been lost.

The mother and son inside the house made it out before firefighters arrived.

“A lighting strike caused a fire in the wall of the house,” Capt. Joseph Hughes said. “They had to pull the wall apart to put the fire out.”

Hughes wasn’t on scene, but said the quick action by the firefighters working that fire save the house from more severe damage. He said the fire in the wall could have led to the attic where flames can dominate a structure by engulfing it in flames.

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