Sean Kanan stars as “Deacon” in “The Bold and The Beautiful.”


Brooke became anxious when she learned that Deacon was in L.A. and was reaching out to Hope. Thorne confronted Oliver about his intentions toward the much younger Aly. Quinn quickly picked herself up and was back to her old tricks. Maya was put on the spot when Hope pointed out, in front of the Forrester Creations group, that there was a noticeable change in her behavior lately. Deacon became suspicious of Quinn’s intentions when he stumbled upon her latest project. Wyatt and Deacon became better acquainted over a bottle of scotch as they talked about Hope. Caroline confronted Maya about her recent actions. Oliver tried to persuade Aly that she should be the new face of the HFTF line. Wait to See: Aly and Oliver go on a medieval adventure.

Jennifer had a stunning encounter with Eve. Rafe demanded that Jordan be completely honest with him about herself. Will questioned Abigail’s strange behavior. EJ chose a best man. Jennifer feared that Eve still held a grudge against her. Brady sought help from Maggie. Theresa figured out the key to keeping Brady by her side. EJ invited an unexpected guest to the wedding. Eve dropped a bomb on Jennifer concerning Jack. Kate got a major lead on Jordan’s past. Rafe came to a decision about his future with Jordan. Brady fell deeper into Theresa’s clutches. Daniel blasted Nicole for not helping Eric. Wait to See: Kate discovers Clyde’s connection to Jordan.

Michael was not pleased with Sonny’s living situation. Spencer enlisted his uncle’s help with his latest romantic struggles. Sam told Alexis that her date with Silas was thwarted by Nina. Later, Silas told Nina he might know of a way to help her walk again. Obrecht devised a new plan for Britt to win back Nikolas. Carly told Sonny that Franco was jealous of their friendship. Nathan and Levi had a huge argument about Maxie. Patrick tried to remember details about the car crash. After visiting a mechanic, Sam was stunned by what she learned. Michael, Morgan and Kiki began restoring the Port Charles Brownstone. Wait to See: Alice catches Tracy red-handed at ELQ.

Leslie feared that she was going to be disbarred after sharing private information about Ian Ward. Victor was determined to find out the connection between Ian and Mariah. Friends and family waited at Paul’s bedside for any sign of improvement. Chelsea told her mother about her kiss with Billy. Summer promised Austin that she would bail him out of jail. Neil put pressure on Hilary to marry him. Meanwhile, Devon wanted to tell Hilary about his own lingering feelings for her. Stitch planned to break up with Victoria because he couldn’t tell her the truth about his past. Billy was shocked to learn that Victoria wanted a divorce. Colin’s plan to steal Katherine’s necklace didn’t go as planned. Wait to See: Nick and Sharon celebrate the Fourth.

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