City hall relocation possibilities

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK – The city is looking at four possibilities for City Hall and the Police Department and are currently sifting through emails from residents who sent in their opinions.

Residents were asked to respond by June 10 to tell the city which of the following four options they thought best.

First on the list is a new City Hall and Police Department with an interim facility. This would be a new structure at the rear of the current location near Public Works Department.

During construction, city government could reside in the at 16630 Southfield Road, in the Southfield Lease Property site. Initially, the city could remain there without a lease payment. Yet, city officials said if the building sells, they would be required to make lease payments.

The current City Hall complex would go up for sale and the proceeds would be used to offset the lease or buy the new building.

The second idea was to move to 4000 Allen Road and lease space from the 35,000-square-foot former AT&T building. The building is larger than what the city needs, but allows for expansion.

A third option is at 17500 Federal Drive in the Fairlane Business Park. The city could lease 27,000 square feet for the City Council Chambers and Police Department all on one floor.

The fourth idea was to move into the Allen Park Community Center, 15800 White St. This would provide adequate parking and put City Hall and the Police Department in the downtown business district.

City officials are expected to talk about the options in the upcoming weeks.

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