Matthew Atkinson stars as “Austin” on “The Young and The Restless.”


Justin expressed his concern to Bill that their involvement in Ridge’s accident could very well be exposed. Eric and Brooke were alarmed when they noticed some rather peculiar behavior coming from a loved one. Carter called Maya out on her obsession with Oliver and Aly’s relationship. Katie was extremely worried that she would never have a fairytale life with Ridge. Quinn was pleased to learn that she seemed to be off the hook for at least one of her accused transgressions. Brooke, Eric and Thorne advised the Forrester Creations group that something had changed since their return to Los Angeles. Wyatt was less than thrilled when Quinn showed up on his doorstep hoping to smooth things over. Wait to See: Someone seeks Deacon’s help.

Marlena blasted Nicole for what she did to Eric. Abigail was put on the spot when Sami asked for a huge favor. A despondent Rafe confided in Kate. John suspected that Brady was using again. EJ and Abigail ended up in a compromising position. Daniel met with a new patient, who happened to be a former resident of Salem. Hope was impressed when Aiden came up with a way to save the gala. A major confrontation took place at the DiMera mansion. Nicole must make an important decision about Eric’s future. Victor fired Kate. Jennifer took a trip down memory lane. JJ got a surprise when he went looking for Paige. Hope comforted Jennifer. Brady showed his jealous side when he found Theresa with Aiden. Paige was warned to stay away from Theresa. Wait to See: JJ is thrown by a case of mistaken identity.

Julian wondered aloud why Sonny felt the need to protect Ava. Michael came up with a plan to lift Morgan’s spirits. Franco moved into Carly’s place, but her daughter, Josslyn, was slow to warm to him. Silas was blindsided by Sam’s actions. Carly had a fit over Sonny’s latest living arrangements. Michael announced ELQ’s latest project and later received an unexpected visitor. Alexis attempted to reason with Molly about her relationship with Julian. Silas wondered if Sam was really over Jason. The judge made a decision regarding Maxie’s visitation rights with her daughter. Anna warned Alexis to be careful when getting involved with Julian. Wait to See: Tracy tries to weasel her way back into ELQ.

Billy and Chelsea traveled to Australia to meet Stitch’s ex-wife Jenna. Victoria admitted to Abby that she still loved Billy. Summer told Austin that she wouldn’t let him leave town without her. Father Todd offered to help counsel Stitch about a personal crisis. Lily feared that her father would get his heart broken and use alcohol to cope. Nick found out that Summer and Austin slept together. Mariah was the chief suspect after Noah’s wallet was stolen. Leslie introduced Neil to her husband, Barton. Sharon asked Nick to cohabitate. Wait to See: Jack witnesses a close moment between Kelly and Stitch.

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