Forrest Whitaker in “Repentance”


“Rob the Mob” (R) —  Two stupidly in love kids from Queens stumble on a brilliantly doomed plan: find Mafia hangouts where the wiseguys have a no-guns policy, then bring a gun and rob them. Tommy (Michael Pitt) and Rosie (Nina Arianda) sit in on the trials of mob boss Don Gotti —  taking detailed notes of names and addresses. Their story gets the attention of a crime journalist (Ray Romano) who digs into their tale while trying to protect them from the inevitable.

It’s all based on a true story from the early ’90s. Since everything is simultaneously true and ridiculous, the film strikes the necessary balance between comedy and drama. Pitt and Arianda light up the screen with delirious love, getting the audience to sympathize with the star-crossed crooks.

“Enemy” (R) —  Jake Gyllenhaal pulls double duty in this psychological thriller. Gyllenhaal plays Adam, a prickly, half-awake history professor. By coincidence, Adam sees a face exactly like his in a rented movie. Adam goes a little mad with paranoia before meeting Anthony (also Gyllenhaal) —  a cocky aspiring actor who is totally and inexplicably identical to Adam. They are quite different in personality and lifestyle, but Adam and Anthony have the same face, and even similar tastes in relationships.

This twisty-turny brain-wrinkler has plenty of revelations, but very few answers. Gyllenhaal handles his dual-action performance with just the right touches. The film has an infectious style thanks to director Denis Villeneuve, who did great things with Gyllenhaal in their last project, “Prisoners.”

“Repentance” (R) —  Tommy Carter (Anthony Mackie) is a magnetic life coach and motivational speaker guy. He spouts his ultra-positive philosophy pieced together from all-sorts of spiritual beliefs, saying that others can be saved like he was saved after a life-changing car wreck. On the eve of his big book release, he takes on Angel (Forrest Whitaker) as a client for expensive one-on-one life coaching. Things quickly go south when Tommy tries to end the therapy. The plainly disturbed man holds Tommy in his New Orleans basement for a different kind of one-on-one session.

“Afternoon of a Faun” (PG) —  This documentary examines the life and career of one of the greatest ballerinas in modern times. Tanaquil Le Clercq started learning under George Balanchine in her teen years, and later married him when she was 23. Her shape and her motion set a new ideal for what a ballerina should have. Le Clercq came down with polio when she was 27, leaving her unable to dance for the rest of her life. Interviews with friends and colleagues are interspersed with glimpses of her on stage and in the studio.

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