Spring cleaning

Photos courtesy of the city of Taylor
Among the many results of this past, record-setting winter was the disruption to local waterways, including Coan Lake in Heritage Park. Earlier this month members of the Taylor Fire Department spent a day cleaning the lake of trash and debris that had become tangled in the plant life near the shore. City officials said hundreds of carp had been found floating in the lake, and fish activity in the water decreased significantly as a result. Last month the Ecology Center cancelled its annual Fish ā€™nā€™ Fun Day tournament until the pond is ready for restocking. Restorative efforts include running a fountain to help oxygenate the water, and the waterwheel is being upgraded to help aerate the lake. City officials ask that residents refrain from throwing trash or other objects into the lake, and not to feed the ducks, as an increase in fowl population is not desirable.