Pains, and how to treat them


Q. I am having major back surgery soon and will have to take strong pain medicines for at least a month afterward. I fear becoming addicted to them. Do you help manage this situation? Larry C., Riverview

A. A professional pain physician can help you alleviate those fears with proper medication management. In many cases, addiction starts from longer term use of opiates; however, every person is different so having a qualified doctor manage your medication may be the best course of action for you.

Q. For the past year or so I have an occasional, sharp, shooting pain in my right shoulder. It only occurs when I move my arm in a certain direction. I also have the sensation that something is locking up in my shoulder/arm. I have no idea what caused it. What could it be and do I see you about it or another kind of doctor? Chad S., Brownstown Twp.

A. It could possibly be arthritis or an irritated nerve. I recommend seeing an orthopedic specialist for an exam. He/she may then order imaging and/or nerve conduction studies to find a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Q. Eight months ago I broke my foot. I find it odd that my foot throbs with pain before it rains. Is that just a coincidence? What causes it? Will it be like that forever? Michelle C., Lincoln Park

A. I actually hear this from many patients. There may be some correlation between barometric pressure and pain. Eventually, it should go away. In the interim, managing the pain with orthotics and mild anti-inflammatory pain relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofin should be sufficient. See a podiatrist if you want further evaluation.

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