1. TELEVISION: Which television sitcom was set at the Stratford Inn?
2. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the Bay of Fundy?
3. SCIENCE: How much faster does sound travel in water than in air?
4. MATH: What is the origin of the word “zero”?
5. ENTERTAINERS: Which famous comedian/actor had a brief boxing career?
6. ANATOMY: Where is the macula in the human body?
7. LANGUAGE: What is a “beau geste”?
8. MEASUREMENTS: What does a “gill” measure?
9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the color of the circle on Japan’s national flag?
10. AD SLOGANS: Which company urged customers to “make a run for the border”?

1. “Newhart”
2. Between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
3. About four times faster
4. Arabic, from the word “sifr,” which means empty
5. Bob Hope
6. The eye
7. A magnanimous gesture
8. Liquids, about one-quarter of a pint
9. Red
10. Taco Bell

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