Finola Hughes stars as “Anna” on “General Hospital.”


Hope made a definitive decision about which Spencer brother was for her. Wyatt blamed his mom for the downward spiral his life had taken lately. Maya appeared almost jealous of Aly and Oliver’s relationship. Rick sealed Quinn’s fate as an employee at Forrester Creations. Hope was honest with Liam about the day she spent with his brother at the cabin up at Big Bear. Carter warned Maya not to leak the recording she made of Oliver. Quinn begged Hope not to punish Wyatt for the things that she had done as his mother. Later, Quinn crossed paths with a mysterious man at the bar while drowning her sorrows. Wait to See: Hope is reunited with someone from her past.

Eric asked Nicole to remove her engagement ring. Marlena laid into Sami and Kate over what they did to Nick. Meanwhile, Julie confronted Nick’s killer. Jennifer made an admission that deeply wounded Daniel. EJ discovered some upsetting news about Kate and Stefano. Rafe pushed Jordan away. Gabi shared a tearful farewell with Rafe, Will and Sonny. Jordan feared that Kate ratted her out to Sami. Victor and Theresa faced off over Brady. Hope tried to stop Julie from making a bad situation worse. Will realized that Sonny had been keeping a secret from him. Wait to See: Brady flies into a rage when he finds Theresa with Aiden.

Julian instructed Jordan on their next move. Duke and Anna argued about the mob. Later in the day, both Anna and Jordan found themselves in a predicament. Ric’s supporters and detractors plotted for and against him. Britt was infuriated when she saw Nikolas and Elizabeth sharing a tender moment. Silas must make a decision on whether or not to come clean. Anna informed Ric about some new evidence in his case. TJ surprised Rafe, who was partaking in some illicit activities. Shots rang out at the PCPD. Levi and Maxie bickered over their different philosophies in life. Sam started to look into the cause of Sabrina and Patrick’s crash. Anna had a new plan to bring down the mob. Wait to See: The judge makes a ruling involving Maxie’s baby.

Nikki gave Kelly the cold shoulder when Jack introduced her as his girlfriend. Victoria insisted to Billy that she wanted to go to her doctor’s appointment alone. Chelsea informed Billy that Stitch’s ex-wife was residing in Australia. Sharon offered Mariah a job at The Underground. A mysterious figure watched Billy hold baby Connor. Summer tried to persuade Austin into staying in Genoa City. Christine insisted to Lauren that she wanted to have Paul’s baby. Lily told her father that his relationship with Hilary was confusing for Moses. Sharon accused Nick of wanting to run Mariah out of town. Neil asked Hilary if she was uncomfortable with their age difference. Wait to See: Father Todd returns to solve a crisis.

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