Eric Martsolf stars as “Brady” on “Days of Our Lives.”


Brooke looked on as a terrible accident occurred over the Persian Gulf. Katie left Ridge a voicemail when she got a feeling that something bad had happened. Liam tried to convince Hope that Quinn and Wyatt were not good people. The Forrester and Logan families gathered to mourn the loss of Ridge. A master manipulator and his pilot discussed their role in the accident. Hope was shocked to see Wyatt’s violent side when he punched Liam. Katie and Eric remained a rock for each other on their way to Abu Dhabi. Hope made a big decision about her love life. Wait to See: Maya keeps a cautious watch over Aly and Oliver.

Several lives were changed forever as Nick’s murderer was revealed. Eric confronted Nicole over her deception. Jennifer pondered the fallout of her decision. Sami ripped into a stunned Jordan while defending Rafe. Marlena learned a shocking secret about a family member. An emotional Nicole made a final plea to Eric for his forgiveness. Brady lost it when John tried to come between him and Theresa. Nick’s murderer prepared for a life in prison, but had one last confession to make. Ben was alarmed when Paige recognized him. An emotional Hope broke down in Aiden’s arms. Brady and John’s fight spun out of control right in front of Theresa. Wait to See: Bev sets up Paige for a fall.

Julian assured Lucas that he would protect him. Alexis had some troubling news to tell Molly about Ric. Nikolas comforted a distraught Elizabeth. Patrick and Sabrina wondered if the car accident was intentional. Sam and Silas found a new level of intimacy. Nathan deliberated on whether or not to tell Silas about Nina being alive. Molly had her suspicions regarding Julian. At the end of the day, Danny’s birthday party was filled with surprises. Nathan provided moral support for Maxie at her custody meeting. A shocked Carly and a brazen Ava got into a fiery altercation. Sonny begged Morgan to forgive him for sleeping with Ava. Sam confided in Alexis about her relationship. Carly had a proposition for the artistically frustrated Franco. Wait to See: Julian questions his loyalty to the mob.

Billy asked Kevin to dig into Stitch’s past. Victoria thanked Chelsea for keeping her secret but asked her to stay away from Billy. Victor found out that Victoria is pregnant. Tyler ignored Mariah’s urgent text message. Sharon informed Dr. Mead about the date of her traffic ticket, hoping that he could unlock her memory. Cane planned an elaborate scavenger hunt for Lily on her birthday. Avery cautioned Summer not to get involved with Austin. Lily was still upset about Neil dating Hilary. Jill and Colin looked for information on Katherine’s necklace. Tyler tried to win Abby back with a romantic gesture. After sharing a surprise kiss with Nikki, Victor asked her to move back in with him. Wait to See: Avery confronts Ian.

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