Dismissal allows council to discipline DeGiulio

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK — Comments made in a hallway in 2012 continue to taunt Councilman Angelo DeGiulio after his case to halt punishment was dismissed in Wayne County Circuit Court May 30.

Judge Annette Berry said the case should have been dismissed in December but a clerical error kept it on the docket.

DeGiulio asked the court that he not be punished for ethics violations stemming from an exchange with a police officer, retired officer and the retired officer’s wife outside council chambers.

After DeGiulio was found guilty of an ethics violation months after the incident, he took his case to court asking that he not be punished for it. DeGiulio admitted he called retired officer Russ Pillar a “dumb, stupid cop.”

The dismissal of the case allows the City Council to discipline DeGiulio for the ethics violation. Barry further implied she hopes the city could resolve the issue.

When asked if the issue could be resolved in the city’s hands, one person close to the case said, “I don’t know. There are a couple on (the council) that won’t be happy until he’s … fired or thrown off (the council.)”

Councilman Dennis Hayes said it is expected that the council will meet in closed session without DeGiulio to determine the councilman’s fate.

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