Katherine Kelly Lang stars as “Brooke” on “The Bold and the Beautiful.”


Ridge vented to Eric about needing to get through to Brooke before the wedding. Wyatt again pleaded with Quinn to stay out of Brooke and Bill’s relationship. Meanwhile, Brooke and Bill enjoyed a private dinner on the beach overseas. Ridge had the ammunition he needed after learning about Bill and Quinn’s affair. Bill worked with a wedding planner to surprise Brooke. While headed for Dubai, Ridge called Katie to explain why he had to stop Brooke from marrying Bill. Brooke and Bill’s wedding on the beach in Dhabi began. Quinn admitted that she had complicated feelings for Bill. Wait to See: A family tries to cope with some surprising news.

Victor came to a surprising realization about Sonny. Abigail was thrown by Ben’s strong reaction to an innocent offer. Brady was tempted to use drugs after his run-in with John. Marlena was jealous when she heard about Roman’s date with Giselle. A confession to Nick’s shooting continued to send shockwaves throughout Salem. Hope suspected all was not what it seemed in Salem. JJ unwittingly played a part in Nicole’s downfall. Nicole angrily told Daniel that they could no longer be friends. A shocking twist was revealed in Nick’s case. Sonny feared that he would lose Will forever. Jennifer overheard an eye-opening conversation. A desperate Nicole tried to save her relationship with Eric. Wait to See: The truth about Nick’s murder is revealed.

Sonny cornered Ava. Meanwhile, Olivia told Carly about Sonny and Ava’s tryst. Julian confided in Alexis about his fear for his family’s safety. Luke had a mysterious business meeting at the Metro Court. Tracy turned to Lulu for advice about Luke’s odd behavior. Ric wined and dined Elizabeth. Both Dante and Shawn were shocked by Anna’s decision despite her good reasons. Ava had a trump card of her own to play against Sonny. Alexis questioned Ric’s involvement with both Julian and Elizabeth. Sonny didn’t believe Ava’s claim. Ric was caught off guard when he was suddenly faced with criminal charges. Despite their shock in regards to Ric’s alleged misconduct, Elizabeth asked Alexis to represent him. Wait to See: Maxie and Nathan share a close moment.

Sharon started to get her memory back about the night of the gala. Neil asked his family for their support before he asked Hilary to move in with him. Later, Hilary and Lily got into a heated argument. Leslie asked Ian about his end game. Nikki worried about what Victor and Dylan could be plotting against Ian. Victor turned down Ian’s offer of a truce. Chelsea gave Victoria an ultimatum to tell Billy about her pregnancy or she would. Sparks flew during Jack and Kelly’s first real date. Victor asked Nikki once again to move back to the ranch with him. Jill finally agreed to let Colin out of the attic. Wait to See: Cane plans an elaborate scavenger hunt for Lily’s birthday.

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