Customer assistance lines accompany parking pay stations

DEARBORN – Customers using downtown west Dearborn’s four new higher-tech multi-space pay stations have the ability to contact customer service representatives via phone or email at any time to address parking questions or concerns.

These digital pay stations were installed May 19 and have temporarily replaced the aging parking meters during a 90- to 120-day pilot program in Parking Lot H, south of West Village Drive, between Monroe and Mason.

Republic Parking, which manages the system, has posted an email address and a phone number at each of the pay stations to assist users.

The number for pay station customer service is 734-548-6211, and the email address is

Any of the four stations can take payment for any of the 271 parking spots in Lot H. Time can be added.

The multi-space pay stations can take payment via cash, credit cards, smart cards, value cards, coupons and Pay-by-Phone.

During the pilot period, the existing meters in Lot H have been covered with a numbered plastic bag to identify the parking space number so customers can enter that number at any of the four pay stations.

The pilot will be evaluated to see if the pay stations have achieved the goals of the Parking Advisory Commission.