Melody Thomas Scott stars as “Nikki” on “The Young and The Restless.”


Brooke demanded that Ridge return her ring. Donna told Katie about Brooke and Bill’s engagement. Katie urged Ridge to leave Brooke and Bill alone, knowing that no one could stop them from getting married. A refreshing side of Quinn was revealed when she confided in Wyatt about her desire to be loved. Ridge struggled with the idea of Bill being a stepfather to RJ. Liam tried to help Hope make a decision faster by surprising her with a kiss. Katie and Brooke hoped that they could mend their relationship. RJ was excited to wear the symbolic gift that Bill gave him. Bill and Brooke basked in their love on their way to Dubai to get married. Wait to See: Ridge makes a bold decision.

Sami exploded when she learned that Eric planned to marry Nicole. Gabi had an unexpected request regarding Arianna’s custody agreement. Kate accused Lucas of shooting Nick. A desperate Nicole came up with an outrageous lie to keep the truth from Eric. EJ questioned Kate’s feelings for Stefano. Abigail was horrified by EJ’s admission. Jordan and Ben worried about their past catching up with them. Hope cornered Lucas with damning evidence, and he reluctantly made a confession about the night Nick was shot. Sami blasted Kate for allowing Stefano back into her life. After confiding in Abigail, EJ urged her to keep quiet. Wait to See: Sonny fears he will lose Will forever.

When Maxie received a notice to appear in court regarding her baby, Nathan was perplexed by her defensive reaction. Carly and Franco enlisted the help of an old friend to investigate AJ’s murder case. The PCPD prepared to take down the mob. TJ learned the truth about his mother’s past and present. Jordan’s revelation threw Anna off guard. Morgan pressed Sonny for answers about sleeping with Ava. Carly and Franco uncovered revealing information about the night AJ was shot. Elizabeth and Ric bonded. Molly consoled TJ as he came to a realization about Jordan. After the Nurses Ball incident, Lucy was excited by Kevin’s news. Wait to See: Sonny doesn’t believe Ava’s claim.

Victor asked Jill point blank if she was behind his troubles with the FDA. Later, Victor asked Noah to testify on his behalf. Bill warned Victor that Stitch wasn’t the person he said he was. Lily was shocked by the news that her father was dating Hilary. Kelly opened up to Jack about her past. Victor promised Abby that he would look after Mariah. Billy told Chelsea about how Chloe drugged him. Summer opened up to Austin about her complicated relationship with her family. Sharon hoped that Mariah would help her remember her secret. Nikki couldn’t believe Ian’s audacity in asking if they could be friends. Paul and Christine were excited about the prospect of having a baby together. Wait to See: Tyler and Abby’s relationship is put to the test.

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