1. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is a sheet of printed stamps called?
2. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of Canada’s Northwest Territories?
3. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a baby bat called?
4. MUSIC: How many holes does the musical instrument called a recorder have?
5. LANGUAGE: What is a lazaretto?
6. ARCHITECTURE: What is adobe made of?
7. MYTHOLOGY: Who was the Greek god of medicine?
8. DISCOVERIES: Who is credited with discovering the air brake?
9. BIRTHSTONES: What is February’s traditional birthstone?
10. MATH: What is the Arabic equivalent of the Roman numeral CMXC?

1. A pane
2. Yellowknife
3. A pup
4. Seven in the front and a thumbhole in the back
5. A place to quarantine people with infectious disease, such as leprosy
6. The building material is made of dried earth and straw.
7. Asclepius
8. George Westinghouse
9. Amethyst
10. 990

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