William deVry stars as “Julian” on “General Hospital.”


Ridge and Bill verbally sparred, each trying to one-up the other. Thorne turned to Brooke for advice about Aly and Taylor. Meanwhile, Taylor had an emotional breakdown telling Aly about the night she killed her mother. Thorne returned to the Forrester executive suites and was surprised by what he witnessed. Bill informed Brooke that he would formally welcome Wyatt into the Spencer family. Katie and Ridge began planning their wedding. Bill decided to take Brooke somewhere that Ridge never imagined. Brooke told her daughter that she was proud of her for taking her time in making the right decision. Quinn devised a plan that put Liam in a distressing situation. Wait to See: Liam finds himself in a distressing situation.

Jennifer comforted a guilt-ridden Abigail. Marlena made a startling discovery related to the murder case. Brady delivered disappointing news to Theresa. Jennifer admitted to Eric that she wasn’t entirely comfortable with Daniel and Nicole’s relationship. Hope put Sonny on the spot when she brought him in for questioning. Sami was guilt-ridden over EJ’s decision. An emotional Nicole confessed all to Daniel. Hope confronted EJ with an incriminating photo. Will made a confession to Hope. Abigail and Ben shared their first kiss. Daniel ordered Nicole to come clean with Eric or else. Hope continued her investigation by questioning Abigail and Kate. Sami got caught in a tense situation. Kate’s gun was missing. Wait to See: Lucas makes a confession.

The Nurses Ball continued with unexpected arrivals and uplifting performances. Jordan and Alexis had an uneasy first meeting. Anna and Duke shared a romantic evening at the ball. Shawn and Jordan recalled the details of their past relationship. Carly and Franco came up with a passionate way to distract themselves. Alexis pressed Julian to consider leaving the mob. Luke tried to get a read on how much Sonny actually knew about the Jerome operation. Michael appointed himself as the new CEO of ELQ, which did not please Tracy. TJ overheard Jordan’s suspicious phone conversation. Dante and Lulu made an important family decision. Julian set up a meeting with Luke to discuss the future of their partnership. Wait to See: Maxie receives a court order.

Nikki’s bond with her son Dylan continued to grow. Billy was determined to find out what Stitch was hiding. Victor and Ian had another tense confrontation. Cane found a Bonaventure business card in Colin’s wallet. Dylan wondered why Stitch knew so much about the law. Victor asked Noah to testify on his behalf. Kelly and Neil’s blind date was a bust. Later, Kelly wondered if it was fate when she ran into Jack. Abby was troubled by Mariah’s presence in Genoa City. Chloe devised a plan to steal Gloria’s aphrodisiac. Kevin turned to Michael for advice on the state of his marriage. Neil told Hilary that he wanted to go public with their relationship. Wait to See: Lily has a chilling confrontation with Hilary.

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