Melissa Reeves stars as “Jennifer” on “Days of Our Lives.”


Ridge and Katie announced their engagement. Having Bill right where she wanted him, Quinn urged Wyatt to arrive at Spencer Publications as fast as he could. Pam and Charlie attended a medieval-themed gathering. At a board meeting, Ridge informed everyone that Bill was being reinstated as CEO —  all because of Brooke. Quinn tried to blackmail Bill into giving Wyatt the same privileges as Liam. Aly and Oliver kissed, but kept their relationship a secret. Liam accused his new brother of having his mom run interference in his life. Pam feared that Aly would run into Taylor now that the two resided in the same building. Thorne became suspicious of Aly’s involvement with Oliver. Wait to See: Bill and Ridge fight about Katie. Taylor and Aly share some choice words.

EJ assured a panicked Abigail that he would stop Nick from exposing their affair. Daniel made a shocking discovery. Realizing that Nick was truly diabolical, Sonny took unexpected measures to protect those he loved. Eric and Nicole shared some exciting news with Jennifer. Will was stunned when he found out what Sonny was hiding. Rafe confronted Jordan over her secret plan. Salem was rocked when a major character was shot in cold blood. Will realized that Nick was holding something over Abigail’s head. Sami and EJ debated whether they’d made the right decision. Wait to See: Daniel orders Nicole to tell Eric the truth. Kate realizes that her gun is missing.

Sonny asked Shawn to check on Ava’s whereabouts. A guilt-ridden Duke suggested to Anna that they work together to help bring down Julian. Just as Ned accused Luke of embezzling ELQ money, Tracy walked in on their confrontation. Sabrina questioned the validity of Carlos’s confession. Julian divulged stunning information about Ava to Shawn. Luke was caught off guard when Michael showed up at ELQ to talk about Kiki. Morgan reluctantly shared with Kiki the details of Sonny’s betrayal. Anna was suspicious of the evidence that Carly and Franco appeared to be hiding regarding AJ’s case. On the eve of the Nurse’s Ball, Obrecht delivered some startling news to the General Hospital staff. Michael was infuriated with Luke and asked Ned to help bring him down. Wait to See: Alexis urges Julian to leave the mob. Anna has information for Lulu about her embryo.

Victor was caught off guard when Sharon asked him for help in remembering her secret. Billy was determined to find out what Stitch was hiding. Summer accused Jack of cheating on Phyllis. Ian went to the police with a harassment claim about Dylan. Avery received flowers from an anonymous fan. Nikki and Victor reached an impasse in their relationship. Later, Victor got into a verbal altercation with Ian. Jill hatched a plan to get even with Colin. Dylan set out to confront his father. Victoria struggled over which man to choose. Wait to See: Neil receives some surprising information. Michael and Lauren reach out to Kevin.

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