Soap Updates

Scott Clifton stars as Liam on The Bold and The Beautiful.


Katie and Ridge shared a loving moment at the office. Hope and Liam traveled to the South Los Angeles Animal Shelter, where they met with the workers who told their stories. Brooke tried to get Katie to allow Bill more access to his young son, as well as his old job back. Wyatt was confident that Hope would choose him over his brother in the end. Aly confided in Oliver about how much she hated Taylor for killing her mother. Quinn made a hefty demand of Bill regarding their son. Oliver asked Aly to go on a romantic getaway with him. Former “Price Is Right” host Bob Barker paid a visit to Liam to set up the animal-awareness campaign. Wait to See: Hope and Liam adopt a kitten from the shelter.

A gunshot rang out as Nicole and Jennifer fought to escape from Liam. Will had a fit when he read the terms of Gabi’s custody agreement. Jordan told Rafe that she loved him. EJ got new evidence to help him determine
who sent the incriminating photo of him and Abigail. Ciara had a tempting proposition for Aiden. Theresa feared her role in Liam’s reign of terror was about to be exposed. Paige confronted JJ when she found him on a date with Bev. Will panicked when he sensed that Gabi just might give in to Nick’s outrageous plan. Kate dropped a bomb on Jordan. Sami reached out to Abigail for help with Nick. Wait to See: Eric has a romantic surprise for Nicole.

Obrecht and Madeline both were confident that their individual ploys would get them out of jail. Jordan, appearing more intrigued with the Jerome family business, continued to show her loyalty. Luke suggested to Shawn that Ric might still be working with Julian.
A mysterious man came to Port Charles with a special delivery. Patrick had an opportunity to get in touch with a loved one. Levi met Maxie’s parents, but Mac was not impressed. Madeline dropped a bombshell on Nathan and then told him to keep it to himself. The PCPD found a crucial piece of evidence in AJ’s shooting. Wait to See: There are some noticeable absences at this year’s Nurse’s Ball.

Stitch and Victoria went on their first date together. Lily was worried that Colin had Jill snowed. Cane encouraged Devon to pursue Hilary. Meanwhile, Hilary and Neil discussed what their kiss meant to them. Chelsea and Kevin were concerned about Chloe’s strange behavior. Avery
read some unsettling comments about her new show. Billy visited Connor after learning that he was sick. Jack and Kelly began officially seeing each other, but Jack felt conflicted when Phyllis’s name was brought up. Nick promised to help Sharon remember the secret that she once held. Avery threatened to get a restraining order against Ian. Tensions grew between Dylan and Leslie.
Wait to See: Chelsea plans Adam’s memorial service.

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