Kimberly McCullough stars as “Robin” on “General Hospital.”


Liam reminded Katie that she must hurry up and let Ridge know how she felt about him. However, Katie thought it would hypocritical if she were to act on her feelings for her former brother-in-law. Rick put his past resentment toward Ridge aside for the sake of Brooke’s happiness. Bill contemplated making a grand gesture toward Brooke as a means to win her back. Katie was forced to come to terms with the sacrifice that she was making in the name of family and honor. Feeling that he had lost Brooke forever, Bill drowned his sorrows in a large bottle of scotch. Donna made a bold move when she planted a passionate kiss on an unsuspecting recipient. Wait to See: A Forrester family secret begins to emerge.

Abigail informed Sami that she and EJ shared a secret. A mysterious figure spied on Rafe and Jordan. JJ defeated Theresa once and for all. Jennifer took another step in moving on from Daniel. Marlena grew increasingly suspicious of Nicole. Abigail confessed to EJ that she couldn’t just walk away from him. Sonny and Gabi got into a heated argument when he accused her of throwing Kate and Sami under the bus. JJ finally admitted the truth to Jennifer. Brady and Eric had a bitter encounter, resulting in Brady getting drunk with Theresa. Daniel defended Nicole to Marlena. Wait to See: Jordan must face her past.

Patrick gave Robin an ultimatum after finding out why she was distancing herself from her family. Felix wondered if he and Brad wanted the same things. Morgan warned Lucas about Julian’s true nature. Julian and Ava’s bond was tested as the war escalated between the Corinthoses and the Jeromes. Just as Robin and Patrick were about to solve their differences, Victor showed up unannounced. An emboldened Elizabeth hoped Nikolas would see things her way. Lulu was happy for Dante but had trouble hiding her true feelings. Emma and Patrick were heartbroken by Robin’s announcement. Michael wondered if he could ever trust Kiki again. Sam was surprised by Julian’s vulnerability. Wait to See: “General Hospital” celebrates its 13,000th episode on Monday.

Hilary was jealous of Kelly’s chemistry with Jack. Chloe was surprised to see Chelsea at the benefit but asked her to stay anyway. Tyler agreed to meet with Mariah. Colin told Cane that he didn’t think it would be long before everyone realized he’d changed. Meanwhile, Lauren confronted Jill about her relationship with Colin. Jack convinced Chelsea to stick around for the auction. Sharon had another encounter with Cassie and asked if she was haunting her because of the secret she was keeping from Nick. Later, Nick urged Sharon to move up her therapy appointment. Across town, Avery and Dylan enjoyed a romantic evening together without having to sneak around. Ian realized that Summer and Faith were Nikki’s grandchildren. Wait to See: Jack confronts Billy.

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