Greg Vaughn stars as “Eric” on “Days of Our Lives.”

Liam witnessed a close moment between Katie and Ridge. Maya was put on the spot about setting a date for her nuptials. Brooke remained optimistic that Ridge would want her back. Bill and Quinn briefly set aside their animosity for one another while discussing family matters. Liam questioned Katie about the conflicting information she was giving him about Ridge. Bill was convinced that Brooke would be his Valentine’s Day sweetheart. Meanwhile, at Katie’s urging, Ridge approached Brooke about a reconciliation. Wyatt and Hope celebrated their first Valentine’s Day together. Liam suggested to Katie that she put her feelings first for a change. Wait to See: Rick is consumed by resentment.

Eric had an epiphany about his future. Abigail was put in an awkward situation with Sami and EJ. Will turned to Marlena for love advice. EJ encouraged Abigail to move on, but she kept pining for him. Rafe got an earful after overhearing a conversation between Jordan and Sheryl. Nicole made a major decision concerning Eric. Hope had another tense run-in with Aiden. Rafe and Jordan made love for the first time. EJ surprised Sami with some expensive jewelry. JJ felt confident about his upcoming sentence until Teresa arrived in the courtroom. Victor’s plan to lay down the law with Brady backfired. Wait to See: Someone is watching Rafe and Jordan.

Blinded by love, Morgan begged Ava to leave her crime family to join his. Several people were injured during Carly’s rescue attempt. Anna had some important news for a guilt-ridden Silas. Later, Silas was finally able to explain to Sam why he kept his wife’s will a secret from her. Lulu and Dante reconciled just in time for Valentine’s Day. Elizabeth awaited baby Ben’s paternity test results. Nikolas planned to sweep Britt away on a romantic adventure. Michael and Kiki had a nasty argument. Duke and Anna’s rift over work had a passionate conclusion. Molly asked TJ if their first time together could be special and not rushed. Elizabeth made a verbal threat to Britt. Sonny warned Ava not to double cross him. Wait to See: Victor tightens his evil grip on Robin.

Jill and Billy caught up after being apart for so long. Stitch scolded Kelly for sleeping with Billy. Jack was upset with himself for not pushing harder to get the truth from Adam. Chloe tried to reassure Chelsea that having Adam out of her life was a good thing. Sharon continued to be haunted by Cassie’s presence. Neil suspected that Leslie was having second thoughts about marrying him. Kelly confided in Lily about how her son’s death affected her marriage. Fen was released from prison. Victoria was shocked to learn that her father knew that Adam was guilty long before anyone else did. Kevin escorted Chloe to her daughter’s dedication ceremony. Ian questioned the reasons behind Avery’s anger. Wait to See: Shocking secrets are revealed at the gala.

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