Police Blotter

Allen Park
Woman steals perfume, possesses heroin

Loss prevention officers called police about 10:20 p.m. Jan. 23 for a woman caught stealing at Meijer, 3565 Fairlane Drive. The officers said they saw the woman walk to the beauty section of the store and pick out eight perfumes then walk into the changing room.

The woman began to walk toward the store exit, police said, and loss prevention officers checked the changing room to find the perfume boxes and wrapping left inside. Police said the loss prevention officers stopped the woman outside the store after she did not offer payment for the perfume.

The woman told loss prevention officers she had a syringe in her purse and police said they found two packs of heroin, the syringe and a crack pipe inside the woman’s purse. She was arrested for the possession and theft then processed at the police station. The perfume, valued at $310, was returned to the store and the heroin and paraphernalia were taken into evidence.

Three catalytic converters cut off vehicles
Police officers responded to a call at Baker College, 4500 Enterprise Drive, about three complaints that catalytic converters were taken off vehicles. Two owners of the three vehicles spoke with police, but police said the third did not wait to make a complaint.

The school’s security officers reviewed video surveillance and saw a dark colored vehicle parking next to the vehicles for several minutes then pulling off. The security officers could not get a license plate number from the video. Police said there were no witnesses to the incident.

Swerving driver with marijuana, no license arrested
Police officers observed a vehicle traveling north on Southfield Road near Allen Road that was not maintaining its lane and the driver making questionable movements inside the vehicle. The officers conducted a traffic stop on Southfield Road near I-94. An odor of burnt marijuana was coming from the vehicle, the officers said, and marijuana was seen on the man’s shirt, pants and on the driver’s seat.

The driver was asked to step out of the vehicle and officers ran his information through the Law Enforcement Information Network which revealed he did not have a license, but had an active warrant. He was transported to the station and processed for no license, possession of marijuana and improper lane use.

Police also found a counterfeit $20 bill inside the sunglasses compartment of the vehicle. The driver said he was a bartender and the bill was accepted while he was working. He was not charged with possessing the counterfeit bill, police said, but it was taken to be reviewed by the Detective’s Bureau.

Police travel to Flat Rock for arrest

Dearborn police officers, with the assistance of a Flat Rock police officer, arrested a man wanted for warrants in two separate courts from an apartment in the 27000 block of Riverside in Flat Rock about 8 p.m. Jan. 24.

Five Dearborn officers went to the apartment based on information they received that the suspect was hiding out there. The suspect previously had fled from officers upon being confronted about the warrants, which were from the 19th District Court for domestic violence and Wayne County Circuit Court for breaking and entering.

Upon arrival, the officers split into two groups and covered the front and rear entrances to the apartment before attempting to make contact. The tenant opened the door and allowed the officers to enter but said he did not know if the suspect was still in the apartment or if he had fled.

Officers searched and found the suspect hiding in a closet in a rear bedroom. The suspect was arrested, handcuffed, searched and transported back to the Dearborn Police Department.

Detroit woman arrested during traffic stop
A routine traffic stop led to the arrest of a 54-year-old Detroit woman for an outstanding warrant near the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Gulley Road just before noon Jan. 23.

An officer on patrol in the area of Michigan and Telegraph Road observed a white Chevrolet Trailblazer traveling west on Michigan with an expired license plate.

The officer pulled behind the vehicle and ran a check of the license plate, which showed that the owner also has an expired driver’s license and was wanted for a warrant from 19th District Court for a larceny from an automobile charge.

The officer initiated a traffic stop and spoke to the driver and passenger inside the vehicle, discovering that the passenger was the owner. The passenger was notified of the warrant and was arrested, handcuffed and searched without incident before being transported to the Police Department.

The driver was given a warning for the expired license plate and was released from the scene.

Dearborn Heights
Vehicle stolen, recovered in Detroit

A man called police at 12:15 p.m. Feb. 8 to report that his vehicle had been stolen from his house in the 8600 block of Virgil.

The victim said he had parked his black 2012 Ford Fusion in the street in front of his house the previous night. In the morning, his mother looked outside and noticed that the vehicle was not in the street, but she said that she thought it had been parked in the driveway. Later in the morning it was discovered and reported that the vehicle had been stolen.

Officers checked the area and discovered broken glass on top of snow near the area where the vehicle had been parked. The owner said he had left his wallet in the vehicle with his driver’s license, passport and three credit cards inside.

He said he had called the credit card companies and they reported that two of the cards had recently been used at Valero, 20940 Joy Road in Detroit.

Officers went to the gas station and spoke with an employee, who said only management had access to the video surveillance. The employee gave the officers contact information for the manager and they left.

About 11 p.m. that night the stolen vehicle was found abandoned in Detroit with rear bumper damage and the rear driver’s side window broken. All four wheels and the battery also were missing.

Police are investigating the incident.

Home Invaded
Officers were dispatched to investigate a burglary in progress at a house in the 8500 block of Riverdale just after 10 p.m. Feb. 10.

The witness, who notified police, informed them that lights were being turned on in different areas of the house as he spoke. The first officer arrived in less than five minutes and observed the side door to the residence open and interior lights on. He made his way to the side door and waited for backup.

After more officers arrived, the house was entered and searched. No one was found inside, though officers observed signs of a break-in, including a broken door frame and footprints in the snow leading to the side door. Officers were unable to tell if anything had been taken.

The officers then spoke to the witness, who said he arrived at his house nearby and observed two men walking west on Van Buren. The witness said he turned his headlights off and observed as one of the men went to the side of the house and kicked the door open. The second man walked around to the front of the house and waited. The witness said he did not see either men leave the residence.

Officers finished searching the scene and secured the door before leaving.

Police later contacted the homeowner about the incident.

Lincoln Park
Burglar breaks in, grabs cash from home

A man returned home Monday after working a night shift to find that someone had broken in through a side door and made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police responded shortly before 10 a.m. Monday to a call from the 1200 block of Ferris Avenue, and noted the damaged side door that had been pried open. The homeowner said cash appeared to be all that was stolen. Police checked for fingerprints near places where the money had been kept.

Woman arrested for warrants, drugs

Police officers patrolling east on Oakwood Boulevard near Wall Avenue did a license plate check on a vehicle traveling in front of them about 1 p.m. Feb.11. The query into the Law Enforcement Information Network revealed that the registered owner of the vehicle had a suspended driver’s license and police made a traffic stop.

The woman was unable to provide her license or any identification, police said, but they were able to identify the woman from previous contact with her. She told officers the vehicle was not insured and was arrested for outstanding warrants, no insurance and driving without a license.

Her vehicle was impounded and an inventory search was conducted. During the search, officers found a clear plastic bag that contained marijuana in the driver’s side door pocket. The vehicle was impounded and she was ticketed for the possession.

Handgun, crossbow stolen from garage
A homeowner in the 17500 block of Reed Avenue called police about 3:30 p.m. Feb 10 when he discovered a compound crossbow and handgun missing from his shed. He told police the gun and bow were put in the shed the night before because he was having company at his house.

As the homeowner arrived home from work, he said he noticed his garage and shed were open. The 9-milimeter gun was in a case with two empty magazines and a box of 50 rounds. Officers said the door handle and lock from the shed were found on the ground.

$500 in change, liquor, medication,, jewelry taken from home

A woman called police about 3:15 p.m. Feb 10 to a house in the 15000 block of Old Town after discovering someone may have broken into home. The woman said she walked up to the front door, saw the door jamb was broken, and called police.

Officers brought in a K-9 to search the house because the woman had not been inside. No one was found inside the the house, but police said they believe the intruder may have left prints in the master bedroom.

Police said officers found several drawers open and a pillow without a case lying on the floor. The woman lived in the house with her parents, who were the homeowners, and notified them of the break-in.

The woman’s mother said she was the last one to leave and locked the deadbolt and doorknob. The case has been given to the Detective’s Bureau to investigate further.

Man arrested for suspended license; passenger ticketed
Police officers traveling east on Pennsylvania Avenue near Fort Street noticed an oncoming vehicle with only one working headlight. The officers made a traffic stop, and the driver could not give them a driver’s license, police said.

The driver was identified by his school identification and the information was run though the Law Enforcement Information Network. Police said the driver had a warrant from Washtenaw County and his license was reported suspended.

Officers arrested the man for driving without a license and his warrants, then they spoke with the passenger. The passenger was the registered owner of the vehicle and had a valid license. Police said the passenger was ticketed for allowing the man to drive the vehicle without a license and was released with the vehicle on the scene.

Car window shattered

A BB gun may have been responsible for a shattered car window that was reported on Tuesday.

Police responded to the 12000 block of Sherry Lane, where the owner of a 2003 Ford Taurus had parked the vehicle the night before, and at 7 a.m. noticed the rear window shattered. Responding investigators noted a pinhole that may have been caused by a BB or pellet gun. Police checked the area for evidence.

Woman sought for stealing clothes

Police are looking for woman and a suspected accomplice who stole about $1,000 worth of clothing from a Southland Mall store.

About 2:30 p.m. Feb. 7 the woman and a man were seen by store staff entering the business. The woman browsed display tables near the entrance while the man asked a clerk for assistance. Within a few minutes the woman grabbed a pile of garments from the table and fled out the door.

“I think she just stole from you,” the man said, before leaving the store and walking in the opposite direction as the woman.

Store personnel said about $1,000 worth of skirts and shirts had been stolen.

The suspects were described as a black woman in her early 20s, and a black man also in his early 20s.

Police checked for evidence, noted descriptions of the suspects and await surveillance images from mall security.

Jewelry taken from home

A man and woman returned home at 6 p.m. Feb. 5 and found their front door had been pried open and and that some jewelry was missing from a bedroom.

Police responded to the 3000 block of Strohm Avenue and noted pry marks on the front door and frame. According to police reports, the lock was damaged, and pieces of it were on the floor.

The couple told police that several pieces of jewelry of unreported value had been taken from a cabinet in a bedroom which had been ransacked. In a second upstairs bedroom an empty desk had been searched. Police noted several items of value throughout the house, including a laptop computer and iPad, but nothing else was reported missing.

Police checked for evidence and are investigating.

Woman arrested after sleeping in vehicle

A resident, in the 500 block of St. Johns, reported an occupied vehicle parked near the corner of St. Johns and 5th streets about 1 a.m. Feb. 9 . She told police the vehicle was parked for about 25 minutes with the music playing loudly. Police officers said they could hear the music when they arrived and noticed the occupant curled up in the driver’s seat.

The officers said they knocked on the window several times, but got no response. The rear driver’s side door was unlocked, police said, and an officer opened the door in an attempt to wake the driver. The officer detected a strong alcohol smell coming from inside the vehicle.

The woman continuously rolled over and slapped at the officers, police said, before telling them several times she was going back to sleep. She finally sat up in her seat, police said, grabbed the steering wheel then said she wanted to go home.

Police said she had to be pulled from the vehicle because she would not let go of the steering wheel. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to the station for processing. Her vehicle was towed to the impound lot.

One man arrested for outstanding warrants, another for possession
Police officers monitoring the intersection of 9th and Vinewood streets saw a man with four confirmed, outstanding local warrants enter the passenger side of a vehicle that traveled north on 9th about 6:20 p.m. Feb. 7. The officers made a traffic stop after the vehicle did not completely stop for a stop sign at the intersection of 9th and Walnut streets.

When officers made contact with the driver, police said the driver admitted he did not have a valid license and asked for leniency. He told police his mother was in bad health and he was driving to the pharmacy to “do her a favor.”

Officers asked the driver if he possessed anything illegal and the driver told them he had painkillers in his pocket. He said he did not have a prescription for it and they were given to him by his grandmother. Officers confiscated the painkillers, ticketed him for the possession, and the suspended license.

The passenger with the four warrants was arrested for the warrants. Both men were taken to the station and processed. Officers confiscated the license plate from the vehicle because the driver had 10 license suspensions and was arrested a third time for driving with a suspended license.

(Compiled by Gabriel Goodwin, James Mitchell and Bob Oliver.)