Heather Tom stars as “Katie” on “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

Liam eagerly awaited word from Hope about whether or not she was ending her relationship with Wyatt. Quinn confronted Pam about breaking her promise about keeping their secret. Katie debated whether or not to confide in Donna about her growing feelings toward Ridge. Wyatt set boundaries with Quinn about her meddling in his personal life. Aly received a glamorous makeover. Oliver gave Liam some advice regarding Hope. Ridge and Katie’s mutual admiration for each other blossomed as they recounted how far they’d both come after their failed marriages. Hope was torn between her head and her heart on whether to trust Wyatt again. Wait to See: Carter and Maya are pressured to set a wedding date.

EJ scrambled to conceal the truth from Sami. JJ received some bad news about his case. Daniel and Nicole confronted Dr. Chyka, demanding information to clear Eric’s name. At the same time, Stefano ordered his henchman to neutralize Dr. Chyka using any means necessary. Brother Timothy presented a new option to Eric concerning his future. Theresa was horrified when JJ revealed that he set her up. Hope had another disastrous meeting with Aiden. Daniel and Nicole’s mission took a dangerous turn. Kate broke into Jordan’s apartment and made a startling discovery. Lucas made a mistake that could lead to his mother’s undoing. Gabi continued to unravel. Theresa took out her frustration on Brady. Abigail yelled at Adrienne for outing her crush on EJ. Wait to See: Theresa turns up at JJ’s hearing.

Robin was flabbergasted by Victor Cassadine’s request. Sabrina realized she must make a life-altering decision. Lulu discovered that baby Ben had an allergic rash similar to Dante’s. Britt had an honest talk with Patrick about her past deceptions. Olivia wondered if Heather was truly alive. Sam began doubting Silas’s innocence after he kept another piece of information from her. Heather and Carly had a showdown inside the catacombs. Elizabeth noticed that Ben had the same allergy prescription as Dante. Obrecht threatened Britt. Elizabeth asked Felix to perform a DNA test on Dante and Ben. Michael felt betrayed by the news that Kiki allowed Franco to hide in his apartment. Wait to See: Ava and Morgan find it hard to stay apart.

Summer announced that she was giving up on modeling. Billy kidnapped Adam after learning that he was the one who was responsible for Delia’s death. Lily and Hilary continued to disagree on the theme for Delia’s benefit. Michael produced new evidence before Fen’s sentencing. Chelsea blamed herself for trusting Adam again. Devon offered to double Adam’s donation to Delia’s foundation. Noah caught Courtney in the middle of a drug deal. Nick blamed Dylan for bringing Ian to town. Jill returned to the Chancellor mansion with Colin Atkinson in tow. Courtney assured Noah that she never lied about her feelings for him. Wait to See: Avery is troubled by a surprise encounter.

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