Saturday Night Alive raises funds for Guido Theater

Photos courtesy of the Dearborn Community Fund
G. Kevin Dewey (above), Vanguard Voices director, conducts the collage concert at the Dearborn Community Fund’s Saturday Night Alive. Below, members of the Dearborn Youth Symphony provide music for guests before the start of the event.


The Michael A. Guido Theater at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center benefitted from the “Saturday Night Alive” fundraiser Feb. 1. Monies raised through the event will go toward the theater restoration fund and be used to update and upgrade critical theater elements.

Guests were treated to an ensemble concert featuring the Dearborn Symphony, Vanguard Voices, Dearborn Community Chorus, Motor City Brass Band, Dearborn Public Schools Honors Choir and Players Guild of Dearborn.

“Mayor Guido’s dream was to build a facility that would attract international, national and local performers,” said EmmaJean Woodyard, executive director of the Dearborn Community Fund, sponsor of the event. “Since 2001 when it opened to the public, the theater has welcomed more than 900,000 visitors as guests or performers.

“The Saturday Night Alive performance featured more than 200 performers who regularly perform on the theater stage and consider it ‘home.’ It is safe to say that Mayor Guido’s dream has been realized.”